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    My favorite Vietnam movie has always been Burt Lancaster's Go Tell the Spartans. It portrays a realistic view of the war, without all the anti-American histrionics of Oliver Stone's movie. Great acting by Burt, Marc Singer, Evan Kim, and a young Jonathan Goldsmith, years before he became The Most Interesting Man in the World.

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    Hi Keith and other Mods. I was not sure where to put this so its at your descrition. Anyway, I was wondering oif you cna please p[lace up here movies like: Counterpoint, A Time To Lova And A Time To Die, The Way To The Stars, Sink the Bismarck, etc.

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    Hi Carl,

    this is where you posted your other favourites.
    I used the term 'Classic' and from the one's you mentioned,
    I think that 'Sink The Bismarck' fits the bill,
    and I'll take a look at the others as well.

    I was wondering if any of you folks from the UK remember this film? It was always one of my favorites. What surprised me was the performance turned in by Anthony Newley, which was surprisingly good.

    Jim, I do,
    and it's been a long time since I saw it last.
    Mostly filmed in the dark if I remember,
    but a really good, tense film.
    Anthony Newley of course also a singer,
    turned in a better than average perfomance

    What was most surprising to me, Mark, was that the entire series was filmed in either the UK or continental Europe and most of the actors shown were Brits instead of Americans.

    As you said, the series was very well made and the (British) actors did a helluva job portraying American paratroopers (and members of the Wehrmacht).

    Jim and Mark,

    It was made mostly in the UK, by Mr. Spielberg,
    with some scenes in Switzerland.

    It was very well done as you say, using mainly Brits,

    # A large portion of the American soldiers portrayed throughout the series are played British actors.

    Here's the link to the IMDb trivia on it

    Band Of Brothers

    Some of the scenes were shot in the same locations as Spielbergs,
    Saving Private Ryan


    I'm not sure if there's a thread for movie requests, but one of my favorite WWII movies is The Heroes of Telemark (1965) starring Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris. This movie is about the Norwegian resistance movement during the war, and how a small group of resistance fighters prevented the Nazis from developing the atomic bomb. It was shot on location in Norway and features breathtaking scenery (including a great, exciting chase on skis) and a memorable musical score. I wish this movie was available on DVD here in the US, it would certainly be at or near the top of my DVD "wish list."

    Ej there is indeed a thread where you can add your favourite war movies, and here it is.
    I will post The Heroes of Telemark for you.

    Thanks for your support.

    You mentioned your list on a Classic War Movie thread,
    is this the list you were referring to?