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    Yeah, Karl, I've seen all of those in both sets and have probably seen The Desert Fox, and Desert Rats a few times. I've seen The Immortal Sergeant a few times also and is one movie I've always liked. Out of all of them, I think The Blue Max is the only one I've seen once. Shoot, I remember going to see The Young Lions & Von Ryans Express at the theaters when they first came out. Seen Twelve O'clock High many times on tv and my favorite part is when Gregory Pecks character, Gen. Savage, first goes to take over the bomber group and raking everybody over the coals because they were too nonchalant about the way things are run.

    I saw these today at Sams Club, had never seen them before. It was called 20th Centry Fox Classics and there were two of them with four war movies in each one.

    The first one had,

    The Desert Rats
    Von Ryans Express
    Twelve O'Clock High
    The Young Lions

    The second had,

    The Blue Max
    The Desert Fox
    The Immortal Sergeant
    Sink the Bismarck

    Not a bad collection. I guess it's part of Fox's classic collections of which there are about 18 volumes of various movies. I didn't notice the price, but on Amazon they're about $20.

    We have had the HD vs non-HD discussion many times over the years that I have been here. For an enthusiast it will be more noticeable as well as if you are watching it on a big screen TV. Smaller screens tend to not be as noticeable for non HD content. Also, the source must be clean. I have seen some really bad HD transfers from regular DVD to HD media and the regular actually does look better. To answer your question though, yes, HD is a big improvement over regular DVD. I have "The Searchers" on regular DVD and on Blu-Ray and the Blu-Ray blows it away.

    That's very impressive, then. I bought The Searchers a few years back when it came out on DVD as being remastered and it was like watching a totally brand new movie. One side was Fullscreen, the other Widescreen and, I watched the WS because the colors and the definition were so vivid it was fantastic. I'd love to see it in Blu-Ray. I probably wouldn't be able to stop watching it. Would love to see The Alamo in Blu-Ray.

    I would have to say Zulu is my over all favourite film.
    So much so i joined the 1879group and have been to Rorkes Drift and Isandlwana twice. I took part in the 125th anniversary reeenactment and got to fire my Martini Henry on the site of the battles with the Zulus.A fantastic couple of trips
    Bought a six gun and a cowboy hat i wonder !!

    Hey Scottie, I noticed you're new here. Did you used to post over on the old and Flags Of Our Fathers site? I remember a guy over there, can't remember his username but, he was really into Zulu battles.