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    Great quotes ethan. Here's one that I didn't see listed here. Right after Ringo and Holliday get through talking in Latin (I think that's the language they're using), Fred White says,"We don't want any trouble, not in any language." I thought that was a pretty good quote as well. I may not have it word for word, but it's pretty close.

    Ethan I couldn't agree with you more. This is quite possibly the best western I have ever seen (I still haven't seen them all). Anyway I think Val stole this one from Kurt and let's not forget our good friend Harry Carey, jr. as Fred White no matter the age difference. Hated to read about Robert Mitchum's injury, but at least he still had a significant role in the picture.

    One of my favorite scenes from this movie is the one where Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo square off in the bar and Ringo does his tricks with the pistol and then Holliday does the same with his shot glass. Classic.

    And let's not forget Pedro Armendariz, jr. had a small role in this movie as well. Guess I am partial to the actors who were in Duke movies.