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    Well, Mr. Gorch, as usual, your pictures are exceptional and quite wonderful for us to see. However, you are a real tease knowing that I do not HAVE, and want very much to see, TOMBSTONE, LOL!

    But I will forgive you. I will just stay away from this page. LH

    Oh, please do see it. You will not be disappointed. Critics didn't like it so much, but I haven't met anyone, western fan or not, who hasn't thought it wasn't good. The dialogue alone will blow you away.

    The newest issue of True West Magazine has a couple of good articles on Tombstone. One is about the movie itself. ON the movie that we all know and the movie that could've been. If you read Gorch's post just above, he goes through alot of scenes that were in the original script as written by Kevin Jarre. I've read the script and there's quite abit of great stuff they either didn't use, or they left it on the cutting room floor. Besides the scenes that Gorch describes, Robert Mitchum was the narrator in the movie but, he was actually supposed to be in it and play Old Man Clanton. There are scenes of him and The Cowboys ambushing the Federales and later the Federales getting their revenge and killing Clanton. Also, the riding sequence of Wyatt and Josie goes a bit farther and alot more intimate than we actually saw. Also, a scene where Behan finds out and confronts Josie and is roughing her up till Morgan Earp intervenes and beats the crap out of Behan for abusing a lady. Curly Bill sees this and places Josie in the hit list for that fateful night. There are many others and you can read the script over at
    The second article is about Kevin Jarre himself. He wrote the screenplay and was directing it till the studio thought he was taking too long and fired him. They were afraid that he would end up shooting a 3-4 hour movie and up the costs they didn't want to deal with.

    Did anyone else pick up that Duke stalwart Don Collier was the faro player who bucked the tiger?
    There was an article in a Wild West magazine with Kurt Russell who is contemplating restoring Tombstone to it's original running time. He has all the original footage in his garage, of all places, and is toying with making it into a kind of mini series.

    We deal in lead, friend.

    Man, I knew that voice sounded familiar. I don't think they showed a good shot of his face but, the voice. As for Russell restoring all the footage, I would love to see that. A few years back, they did bring out a directors cut of it with a few scenes put back in, among them, Sherm McMasters going to see his old gang and meeting a grisly end, Doc leaving Tombstone and Kate behind to ride with Wyatt on vengance tour. So, if there's more good scenes to add, then Russell should add them.

    I think what makes this movie such a classic is the dialogue. Whoever wrote the script went all out. I've never seen a movie that had such classic unforgettable lines. One of my favorite parts is when Wyatt confronts Johnny Tyler( Billy Bob Thornton) in The Oriental. And it all starts with, "I just wanted you to know that you're sitting in my chair", and pretty much ends with "you gonna do something or just stand there and bleed".