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    Oh, please do see it. You will not be disappointed. Critics didn't like it so much, but I haven't met anyone, western fan or not, who hasn't thought it wasn't good. The dialogue alone will blow you away.

    Well, WJ, everyone has said that. Believe you me, I will watch it as soon as is possible. Thanks, KEITH

    Couldn't stand it. When I saw your name on the post, I just HAD to look!
    Well, I TOLD you. I want very MUCH to watch........just don't have the wherewithal, (last time I heard that, Mr. Nightlinger said it to the head
    "lady of the night" in The Cowboys). Will just have to save up for it, Bill!

    Do love seeing the pics. I have a "feel" for the movie already thanks to you!
    By the way, did YOU like The Cowboys' Overture? Hope we don't disagree on another one, LOL. LH

    Ms Ladyhawk, just trying to motivate you to watch the movie.

    We deal in lead, friend.

    Well, Mr. Gorch, as usual, your pictures are exceptional and quite wonderful for us to see. However, you are a real tease knowing that I do not HAVE, and want very much to see, TOMBSTONE, LOL!

    But I will forgive you. I will just stay away from this page. LH

    I hope to see it soon. It will be the "newest" movie I have seen, LOL! Wasn't excited about seeing it until I saw all the pics and have heard the praises from everyone. KEITH

    Yep, a monster, a true monster I helped to create.............pretty cool one though, LOL. So funny about the Undies Bill. Can't wait to find out about the Red Sash!

    Love your quote Colkid! KEITH

    Keep adding these great pictures my computer isn't half full yet.

    Thanks for that. Although I am sure they are bit parts...want to have all the movies Ward made.....will be trying to get them until way after I die, I imagine. KEITH

    Well, thanks there, Dooley. I am particularly found of Hank's version as you may surmise simply because Ward is in it. Probably his worst film as far as showing his acting ability, but then, there wasn't his normal type scenes to work with......and Duke was conspicuously absent, LOL! I suppose you might think that I would like to add Tombstone to my list as some of the folks I normally trust are applauding it. Hmmmm, Pappy's best film? aren't going to make this your choice are you? Well, your deal. We most all thought Gorch was crazy, but it sure livened things up a bit for a while. Too bad more folks didn't participate....maybe this time.....I have been working on some, LOL! Thanks again, Dooley, KP

    yes i agree a classic western,non stop's as close to what happen at the ok corral

    Wrote too soon. As we all know, Pappy Ford could stretch a story a bit, but he was with a couple of others and they all talked about how the REAL Wyatt Earp told them about the OK Corral and even drew pictures about how it was on film somewhere I saw. Let's see, Henry Fonda, Ward, and Victor Mature. Now, Clementine was filmed in 1946, right? And Earp was supposedly born in 1848. So, IF he told Pappy and Hank about it then, he would have been 98! If it really happened, I imagine he told them much earlier. So, I had thought that was the REAL story. Knowing Pappy as I have come to from my research, I should have known. Here is a good review that you will probably agree with. "If you're looking for a straight-forward, factual presentation of the events leading up to the 'Gunfight at the O.K. Corral', please buy 'Wyatt Earp', or 'Tombstone' from if you prefer your history more spiritual, and want to see a master storyteller paint a visual canvas of a West that may never have existed, but SHOULD have, then this film will be a treasured part of your video collection! John Ford knew Wyatt Earp, personally, and was familiar with the events surrounding the Tombstone shootout, but one of his greatest assets as a director was his ability to look beyond simple facts, and focus on legend. 'My Darling Clementine' is a story of icons, of the Loner, battling his own weaknesses, and creating something lasting, then walking away, to allow Civilization to grow. It's a classic theme in Ford's work (he would return to it in 'The Searchers', and 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance'), as well as in many other directors' westerns ('Shane', 'A Fistful of Dollars', 'The Wild Bunch')." Taken from a review on So, learned something today. Thanks Ringo Kid!