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    Did you look up our Fearless Leader, Kevin, while you were there? :teeth_smile:

    Chester :newyear:

    No I haven't. He is probably bailing out his basement with all the rain that has fallen here lately!!!

    I am in the hotel room tonight watching the CMA awards. Well, not really watching, it's more noise as I surf the web.

    I just picked up the complete series, all 3 seasons, at Best Buy for $21.99. I enjoyed the first 3 episodes from season 1. There are also 4 documentaries included: The Art of the Replica, The Mare's Leg, Reckless: The Women of Wanted: Dead or Alive, and Winchester: A Weapon of Legend. For the price I don't thing a person can go wrong for the price.

    On a side note about the gun in the show(The Mare's Leg), The actually call the gun a sawed off shotgun and don't list it as a rifle. I haven't watched the documentary on the gun yet but when I do and if it tells me something more about the wespon I will let you know.