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    Cant beat this deal. One of the few times Wallace Worlds scores a home run with me. I was there about a week or so ago and spent a whopping $2.50 for the first season of Wanted Dead or Alive. This was when I bought the 2-pack Jackie Chan Westerns, another 4 Westerns set, and King Arthur w/ Ioan Gruffudd. I think the total spent on DvD was about $20.00 A pretty good haul if i say so myself.

    Anyway, just saw the fist 5 episodes from the series and found it to be pretty good. This 42.50 set is from mill Creek-which I normally shy away from buying anything from. I was surprised that apparently they might have put a little bit of money into the series as it sounds decent and appears pretty clean-not like their usual churned out by the zillions products.

    Anyway, nick Adams and Michael Landon played brothers in the first episode. In the 5th ep-Alan Hale Jr (aka) the Skipper from Gilligan's Island-was in it.

    Back this last winter being home all day with my bad leg I watched all three seasons of this fine western show. I could not help but notice that McQueen got head on the head more times then Curly of the stooges.

    Heh heh, speaking of head-banging-George Murphy did that to Alfonso Bedoya (of: Treasure of the Sierra Madre, fame) and another Mexican actor whose name I dont know-0in a gem of a movie called: Border Incident which also stars Ricardo Montalban as a fellow Border Patrol Agent. I also saw another "Stooge" piece used by Humphrey Bogart where he used his index finger to zip up some guys chest to his nose-which I thought was hilarious for Bogie to do.

    Speaking of: Wanted Dead or Alive, I just scored two original studio release photos in one auction. One of these is a great pic of Steve McQueen in that TV series. The other in the same lot, is of Steve McQueen in: Hell Is For Heroes. this one is agreat shot of him leaping over the trench parapet-with hisGrease Gun aimed at the Germans who had raiding that trench at night time.

    I also have two more great pics from: Hell Is For Heroes. 1) Shows Haeey Guardino, Bobby Darin and Bob Newhart-2) shows Steve McQueen in a shellhole during the ending daylight attack scenes where they are charging that German Pillbox.

    Also scored an original Lobby Card to: The Ten Commandments. This one shows Charlton Heston (as Moses) and Yul Brynner as the Egyptian Pharoah. I am gettinga minty LC from that movie for less than $10 bucks. Ive seen others from this movie start as LOW as $75 per lobby card.