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    I loved most of the actors in this film. Henry Fonda was one of the best actors ever.
    He raised the class of any movie he was in.
    Clementine is not very accurate despite John Ford personally knowing Wyatt Earp.
    It is a fine movie, i have it recorded on my system to watch again this summer.

    "In his own way" Yes, in his own way, it had to be that way or it wouldn't have been so successful or good.
    His way was different and new. It gave us all those great Clint Eastwood westerns and then others got into the act.
    Like Eli Wallach, one of the best second banana's ever.

    After at least 5 #178 posts, I finally go to post #179 on this one.

    Yes, a favorite western of mine. Henry Fonda, for me the great Victor Mature, a heavy weight actor. Not quite like Duke or Fonda, but a fine actor. John Ford said:
    I knew Wyatt Earp and he did, but he made one of the most historically inaccurate movies then.
    I enjoy the scene with Henry Fonda sitting on the chair outside and his foot work on the post.

    To me, it doesn't matter how many historical innacurasies there are in this movie. It is one of the best westerns ever made, a true classic.

    I agree, It's hard to top Henry Fonda in a movie. He added a lot to every movie he was in.

    Also thank you Lasbugus for the fine pictures- Viva La France!

    This is my favorite Wyatt Earp film, I didn't know about all the errors. I liked Henry
    Fonda and Victor Mature in this film. Better them the 1994 film. I thought the 1994
    had some odd dialog.

    Hats off to John Ford also, a great film maker and this is one. I like Monument Valley also in
    so many of the pictures.