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    The Fifties were a great time to be around. I used to go to Soho in London and listen to the up and coming bands of the time. The ones I enjoyed most were "The Shadows" although at the time they called themselves "The Drifters". They changed their name when the American group of the same name objected to them using "The Drifters". They were with Cliff Richard right from the start and appeared on Jack Good's TV programme "Oh Boy". Also you could walk the streets at night, after going to the flicks and you missed the last bus home, without any problems. Petrol was priced at around 2/6d a gallon. As an apprentice plumber I wasn't on a good wage but was able to keep up with the "Teddy Boy" look with tailored suits and velvet collars. I met my wife in 1958 and we both agree that going to the dance hall was very enjoyable with very little trouble.