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    Boxing legend Max Schmelling passed away at the age of 99. He was lifelong friend with Joe Lewis-the man who beat him in a match I think in 1936? in New York.

    Max was a Pro Boxer before WWII, then was forced by the nazi's to join the Luftwaffe and become a Paratrooper, and was used as a propaganda tool. One of the jumps he made as a Para was on Crete where he was badly wounded and recieved several combat and bravery decorations because of. He hater hitler and the nazis. Sometime after the war, he became owner of the Coca Cola Bottling Company in Hamburg, Germany.

    Also, Actor John Vernon (Dean Wormser in Animal House) passed away today from complications due to Heart surgery, he was 72.

    And last but not least, Ossie Davis, who was found dead in his hotel room in miami. I thinkhe was 86? I enjoyed seeing him in the TV series w/ Burt reynolds called: "Evening Shade."

    May all of these celebrities rest in peace.

    Greetings Stumpy, I don't know the the answer but, I figure since he is GSP the 4th, I figure he is Blood -n- Guts's Grandson. My roommate alse served with him but I don't yet know details. I will ask him tonight for info though.

    I wonder if the Patton you served with resembled his famed relative in the way of looks? I have never seen a picture of any Patton other that GSP Jr, and his father and grandfather.

    Best regards TRK.