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    All of my childhood I couldn't stand I Love Lucy, although most of my friends would not miss it. When I caught a rerun many years later, I laughed myself silly. Since then have watched all of her stuff. She was one very unique and special comedian. When I was in the Springs, her husband and Manager used to play golf at my club fairly often. Name was Gary Morton. He was a wonderful fellah, around us anyway. My guy played golf with him sometimes, and I would meet them on the course for a few holes when I could. Never met Lucille though. Sure would have liked to...........she was a real classic. KEITH

    i can not find the post of i love lucy but it was one of the shows i did not like.

    Hi Gareth,

    Not sure, but I THINK, Clancy's books which titles begin with "Tom Clancy's.............." are ghostwritten. I think there are some that have two author names......Clancy's is larger and then another smaller. I BELIEVE that Clancy wrote the rest. Let me know if you find out differently. No matter to me, far I have loved them all, LOL. KEITH

    Not sure if this has been posted or not, but one of my favorite authors has died at an early age. Tom Clancy.....Hunt for Red October, and the man who created "Jack Ryan", will not give us any more. His last book was published last year, but one is due out December 3rd.

    Tom, thanks for your fantastic work that kept me enthralled from beginning to end.......I couldn't WAIT for your next one to come out. I am so glad there is one left for me to read. Now, you can enjoy all the folks who were your fans and the people who portrayed your characters in film. Hope it is decided to make more movies from your books now. KEITH…dead-66-article-1.1473782

    I only knew this actor as Ike Godsey and came to "know" and love him through The Waltons. Well Joe, say Hi to Ellen Corby and Will Geer for me, (Grandma and Grandpa Walton). You couldn't be in better company.......two great actors. And thanks for the kind and helpful IKE that you played for so many years. KEITH

    Joe Conley from The Waltons, Gunsmoke, and many other appearances, has died:…onley-dies-at-85/2504419/

    The Football Hall of Famer "Giant" who initially played with the Rams has crossed his last chalked earthly lines and has gone on to the Heavenly ones. Yep, DEACON JONES, a member of the FEARSOME FOURSOME, died at the early age of 74......he was only about 11 years older than I, but about 11 inches TALLER! when I met him at a Quarterback Club Fundraiser in Atlanta.........he and his team mates were in town to play the Atlanta Falcons, and a lot of them came to the fundraiser, (super free meal, chance to talk to old buddies, maybe get an interview or two, AND raise money for charity)! My boyfriend was the top TV Sportscaster in Atlanta at the time, Ed Thilenius........and I went with him, (although Dad was a member and went also, LOL). Ed was a real fan of Deacon's because he had greatly raised the opinion of fans where defensive players were concerned......something that was long in coming! He hung out with us for a while, (long enough for Ed to get enough info on him for a story.......cameraman and all. I always had to stay out of the range of the camera, darn, LOL! From what I saw of him, he was a genuinely nice Gentleman who cared greatly for his sport and his fellow man. I cannot say that I have thought about him for a good while, but.......nonetheless, I remember the time, and I will miss him. Here is a bit about him. Glad to see he was living in Anaheim Hills........shows he managed his money many of them did not.

    Hall of Fame football player David “Deacon” Jones, one of the Los Angeles Rams‘ heralded Fearsome Foursome whose outspoken persona and relentless pursuit of quarterbacks helped turn defensive linemen into stars, died Monday of natural causes at his home in Anaheim Hills. He was 74.
    His death was confirmed late Monday by his stepson Greg Pinto.
    Jones, who played for the Rams from 1961 to ’71 and later for the San Diego Chargersand Washington Redskins, was the league’s top defensive player in 1967 and ’68 and was selected to the Pro Bowl eight times. He was named to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1980.
    He was “without doubt the greatest defensive end to play in modern day football,” George Allen, coach during many of his best seasons with the Rams, said during Jones’ 1975 news conference announcing his retirement.
    Jones, 6 feet 5 and 272 pounds, was quick and quotable, an obscure 14th-round draft choice from Mississippi Vocational College who did not stay obscure for long. “When I first came up, defensive linemen were dull as hell,” he told The Times in 1980. “Some were great performers, but nobody knew who they were. I set out to change that.”
    FULL OBITUARY IN LA TIMES…-20130604,0,2236197.story

    I have been lax about posting on deaths. I will catch up all in one mail here. Happy Trails to all yall and glad to know you will be "back in your respective elements", free of pain, and happy to be amongst friends and relatives. I will say for Jonathan Winters, I never cared much for him in movies, but he was hell on wheels on variety shows.......particularly ones that allowed for super job he did with those.

    As for Pat Summerall, a very special Sports commentator has gone to his just rewards. Say hi to Ed Thilenius for me, Pat.........enjoyed knowing you at the different golf tourneys and some of the football games you and Ed broadcasted around '66 and '67! One super nice guy...........NEVER saw him the least bit ungracious and sometimes there were some hard times to hold back........but he did and managed to make all come out OK with everyone. Bit of a "peace negotiator" on the cuff he was among a long list of other commendable things. Hit the field running, Pat, and enjoy!

    Shows you how dumb I am....sure some of you knew that already. However, I always considered Margaret Thatcher in a favorable light......of course that is only because of what I read about her. Had no idea she was anything but. Always learning something new. Too Bad.......I liked, I don't know!

    Dale Robertson was partners in a small movie business with best friends of my parents from the country club. He would come to Atlanta from time to time to discuss projects. He was one of my few heros back then. Our friends were kind enough to include me in trips to the airport to pick him up, occasional dinners, etc. Believe it or not, he was a very funny man....kept us all laughing a good bit of the time. Was very strange to me way back then to see him in regular street clothes. Good man, Dale Robertson. I didn't know he was still alive or I would have contacted him for the book. Well, enjoy meeting up with all your old movie and golf buddies, Dale, and thanks for taking the time to make a very young girl feel special. KEITH

    Oh, that we for sure did, Big Jim. And what a wonderful little tribute you wrote here. But, we mustn't be selfish. Thankfully he left us an amazing amount of films to remember him by, and due to the extra years of life he lived, his buddies have waited a very long time to have him back with them. Now they do. All that waits for their reunion to be perfect is Marilyn. Hope she is in good health but know she went to the retirement home with him. When her time comes, Harry will truly be in "seventh heaven"! KEITH

    I Just received this from my friend that went to Harry's memorial. He was such a kind man. Until a couple of years ago he would e-mail answers to questions people would ask him and was so personable about it. I remember him first in Rio Grande on the Morning Movie as a latch key kid in the early 50s and then Spin and Marty on the Mickey Mouse Club in the midle 50s. Me thinks we lost a Great American Treasure when Harry Carey Jr. got on the train to paradise.


    Well, this is just getting a bit scary, isn't it?

    Mike, loved what you said about Dobie being with his Dad, etc. That is how I like to think about it. Although you said, RIP, and I know that is just a regular thing forever, I have always hated it. Rest In Peace........Lordy. Guess that means hope you have a strong coffin with a vault that won't let any bugs get at your body! I like to think of them meeting up with lost loved ones and friends and doing what they like to do....once again whole and in perpetual good shape.
    Well, to each his or her own I guess. Still is a bit scary. KEITH

    I agree wholeheartedly, Russ. Many times I saw Lounge Entertainers in Vegas and Tahoe that could easily have taken the place of the mainliner!
    You get your check in a few days..........looking forward to hearing your voice on those tapes........You Have MY BOY BILL recorded? How about one of my fave Oklahoma ones? KEITH

    Speaking of Shecky Greene, I sure wished that he had stayed on COMBAT for at least a full season--he was good VERY good as Braddock.

    Never saw him on that...didn't even know he was on TV. Only knew Shecky from Vegas. He was a very funny man both on and OFF the stage! Like Ukie Sherin, Sheck was a "laughing machine", LOL! Hmmm, thought I had read he was on it for two years..must have "misread". I am surprised anyone knows who Shecky was......thought he was mainly a Vegas and nightclub type figure.....but then that was in the early '70s, so maybe he was only that then? Keith

    I know that he originally wanted to be a singer, but did not think he was good enough. Personally I think he had a very good singing voice.

    I saw somewhere once where he talked about trying to become a singer as his mother, Olive didn't want him to be in the movie business. Some folks have stage presence and a great voice, some just have the great voice. Think Dobe was one of the latter. I met Vic Damone when he played golf at my club one week. He was a super nice guy but just seemed kind of "blah" for lack of a better term.....just no pazzazz or something. Anyway, it made me realize what Frank Sinatra meant when he said that Vic had the "best pipes" in the business just had no stage presence. So, he finally found himself doing "opening acts" for either great singers or comedians. I once saw him open for Schecky Green in Vegas....pretty sure it was Schecky.

    Also, don't know how you did it, but thanks for naming the pics for Jim on Duke's older years. I posted after that and put a picture on there that Jim couldn't get on.....also showing him how to post without the numbers on the bottom and making the pictures larger, LOL. Can you identify that other picture also, please. KEITH

    I believe Dobe, after trying the singing and having Pappy give him The 3 Godfathers part, realized he really had it made with the people who loved his father and who would help him along in his career as a character actor. He knew he would never be a leading man, and it didn't seem to bother him. KEITH Sure did get better as a character actor as he got older though......danged good, I would say.

    This is indeed sad, and although I never met the man personally, I did correspond with him a few times. He was a fine actor, a wonderful singer, and a real gentleman. As I read of his passing, for some reason or another, my mind called up a snippet from Three Godfathers - Dobe singing "Shall We Gather At The River." Somehow seems appropriate. Adios Dobe. See ya on the other side of the river.…ey-passes-away-at-91.html

    As you thought of Shall We Gather at the River, I thought of The Streets of Laredo which was one of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar and sing. He used that as a lullaby in Three Godfathers. KEITH

    It has hit me again........he was not my favorite by far, but he was always there and lived a great deal longer than almost all of them. Ever notice that most died in their 70s or even before. Old Dobe made it to 91. Poor Marilyn. So glad she has her kids. I really DO miss you Dobe, sure do. KEITH