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    Among the many many singers I love, I want to mention Sammy Davis Jr., because in addition to being a phenomenal singer, dancer, actor and instrumentalist (he played many instruments), he was known as one of the quickest draws in Hollywood! I kid you not. Check it out on youtube:

    Also, First Rebel and Country Girl -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Everly Bros. I was living in Germany in the mid-1980s and when the Everlys reunited and gave two concerts at Royal Albert Hall in London, I went with the Dutch Everly Bros. fan club (a most enthusiastic group) to both nights. We had great seats up front and it was pure ecstasy seeing them and hearing them sing live. Their voices had deepened and thickened, but they still had that incredible vocal chemistry and with the passing of the years and a number of painful personal events, their singing had taken on a new emotional richness. Their 1980s version of "Love Hurts," for instance, is an entirely different affair, from a more more experienced perspective, than the teenage plaint of the 1950s. I wish their reunion had lasted longer but I guess we should be grateful it happened at all, and that we got a few more albums and a video of the reunion concert out of it. :)