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    I just bought a dvd about the life story of Gen.lewis (Chesty) Puller.
    He was the most decorated Marine in Corp history. The film is narrated on
    screen by John Wayne with film by John Ford.
    anyone else have any vhs or dvds narrated by Duke?

    Loads of them.

    I am not sure folks realise just how much work JW did other than his 204+ films.

    My collection (and bobs) of individual audio and video items, which covers TV shows, films, radio shows, interviews, commercials, documentaries, promos etc is approx 900 items and I know of at least 200 I do not have.

    We have pulled together a list of documentaries which includes those narrated by JW but it is a bity out of date I will try to get it updated soon.

    Hi I have all of these and do a bit of trading with fellow john Wayne fans if you want to send me a PM and we can discuss this.

    awesome thread, I didn't know a lot of these existed. Better update the Christmas List. :shades_smile:

    take a look at the Lists in this Forum which will let you know whats out there.

    Beware though! there is a lot of stuff and once you get hooked it takes over LOL

    I'll pay a very high price to finally get

    A behind the scenes featurette on the shooting of HATARI! in color.
    It was available in 35mm & 16mm.
    I could also digitalize it in case anybody has a print at home.

    Me too! except I will have to send it to you Mike to digitise it!

    Hi jim & Sue thanks for the review I was interested in your observations that the timeline allowed for an indescretion ( an intersresting choice of words too!)

    So are you saying you beleive the claims of Dwayne? I myself do not know enough about him to make a judgement one way or the other. However, it strikes me that JW was not the kind of man to shirk his responsibilities. on ther other hand if there was a huge stigma attached to this at this time then perhpas I can see how he might not want it made public?

    maybe we will never know mores the pity.

    With so many of Duke's movies out on DVD since the inception of this thread, many documentaries are also now readily available, some on their own, and others as special features on the film's DVD. I am (bump)-ing this thread to bring it to the attention of some of our newer members. I strongly urge you to read from the beginning of the thread. Keith has amassed some excellent information here, with a huge amount of help from Elly and DukePilgrim, as to what is out there.

    It would be good if you have seen some of these documentaries, to add your thoughts in this thread. Reading through has renewed my interest in obtaining some of them that I don't have, and watching again some of the ones I already own.

    Chester :newyear:

    Hi Chester, Sue keith etc...

    I just finished updating some of these lists. Just when i think I am done

    How about a way of posting these lists so that memebers can add to or change them?

    I would love to see this board be the source of the most accurate and comprehensive information of this kind.

    Hi Keith

    Quote" Old June 5th, 2003

    The Searchers Documentary
    I ran across some info on a documentary made about the Searchers and was curious if anyone has seen it. It's called A Turning of the Earth:John Ford, John Wayne, and the Searchers. The review I read said... ,"featuring tons of outtakes and rare footage from "the searchers" intercut with interviews of many of the surviving cast and crew, "the turning of the earth" is an outstanding documentary about the making of one of the greatest films of all time. it's insightful, well-researched and well-made, one of the finest films on the making of a film. "the turning of the earth" is (as far as i know) only available with "the searchers" special edition laserdisc, but it's well worth seeking out for any john wayne/john ford fans. for fans of "the searchers" it's an absolute must."

    It said only available with the laserdisc. Has anyone found it anywhere else? It really sounded like something that I would love to see. :D

    Old June 6th, 2003

    end quote

    This is on the searchers DVD just in case you did not know :teeth_smile:

    Hello Mike and Keith

    Thanks for the info.

    I knew this was a very rough list partly because I have some stuff catalogued as TV others as documetaries and used to have some catalogued as biographies?

    I am not sure what we should include in this list? What are your thoughts on this please?

    Also what about longer documentaries like Martin Scorceses personal journey through American movies 300+ minutes but there is quite a big 35+ minutes section on westerns with JW? on the other hand there are some like the Hollywood series narrated by James Mason aprrox 450 minutes in total JW appears for approx 5 minutes.


    Elly, Hi,

    We can give it a whirl!!

    Hi Keith here is a VERY rough starting list which I can already see is missing on board with the duke.

    I can recomend the Merian C Cooper documentary, not much of JW in it but BOY what a guy MC was!! I was exhausted just watching this.

    1937 Nation Builds Under Fire, A
    1950 Dangerous Stranger
    1954 Flying in the fifties
    1956 Searchers The: an appreciation
    1961 Challenge of Ideas, The (USA Information Films)
    1970 No Substitute for Victory
    1971 Duke and the General
    1977 That's Action
    1980 John Wayne Story, the early years
    1980 John Wayne Story, the later years
    1980 John Wayne the Duke Lives On: A Tribute
    1984 Cowboys of the Saturday Matinee
    1987 John Wayne an American Legend hosted by James Whitmore
    1988 AMC Cowboys Harry Carey Jr and Ben Johnson
    1988 We Can Keep You Forever
    1989 John Wayne Standing Tall
    1990 John Wayne Bigger than Life
    1990 Memories of Hollywood
    1990 Tony Curtis tribute to John Wayne
    1991 John Wayne Anthology
    1992 Hollywood the early years the Young Duke Wayne before stagecoach
    1996 Hollywood's Leading Men - John Wayne the biography series
    1996 John Wayne American Legend (A&E biography)
    1996 Young Duke the making of a movie star
    1997 John Wayne: Behind the scenes with the Duke
    1997 Reputations John Wayne the unquiet american - (2 episodes of the Biography TV series)
    1998 John Wayne on film on Angel and the badman
    1999 Turning of the Earth John Ford, John Wayne and the Searchers, A
    2000 Golden Saddles, Silver spurs
    2001 Commemoration, Howard Hawks Rio Bravo
    2001 John Wayne Scrapbook
    2001 Monument Valley: John Ford Country (aka John Ford's America)
    2001 Old Tuzscon where the legends walked
    2001 On Location with John Wayne
    2002 John Ford and John Wayne, The filmaker and the legend, American Masters
    2004 From the Batjac vaults (Leonard Maltin interviews Michael Wayne 26 October 1994 Entertainment tonight)
    2004 Hollywood Greats John Wayne (BBC Series presented by Jonathan Ross)
    2004 Quiet man, the joy of Ireland
    2004 True grit locations Aspen Gold
    2004 True Grit then and now
    2004 True grit Working with the Duke
    2004 True Writing documentary
    2004 Wayne and Ford, an interview with Peter Bogdanovich and Harry Carey jnr
    2005 Apache, the
    2005 I'm King Kong! The exploits of Merian C Cooper
    2005 John Wayne with Terry Leonard Working with a western legend
    2005 Law and the lawless
    2005 Profile of James Edward Grant
    2005 Stagecoach a story of redemption
    2006 Batjac Story part 1 (1953 - 1963)
    2006 John Ford's home movies
    2006 John Wayne stock company: Gail Russell
    2006 John Wayne stock company: Harry Carey Jnr
    2006 John Wayne stock company: Sean McClory
    2006 John Wayne stock company: Ward Bond

    Hi Keith

    Seems to me a perfect opportunity for one of your excellent sticky lists here!

    How about it pardner?