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    So are you saying you believe the claims of Dwayne? I myself do not know enough about him to make a judgment one way or the other. However, it strikes me that JW was not the kind of man to shirk his responsibilities. on the other hand if there was a huge stigma attached to this at this time then perhaps I can see how he might not want it made public?

    I don't know how bad the stigma would have been, or whether Duke would be so worried about it as to not do the "right thing". I do remember reading in Pilar's book about her life with Duke, that she had gotten pregnant while Duke was still married to Chata (though they were separated). She was worried that it would ruin Duke's career if it got out. But Duke left the decision up to her as to what she wanted to do. If she wanted to have the child, Duke would have stood by her. She chose not to, but it shows that Duke was understanding of the enormity of the situation and wasn't about to duck the responsibility.

    I am like you, Elle, as I am not ready or knowing enough to chose to believe or not Duane's story. Like Sue said, the time-line fit if Duke was loose with himself, but more proof would be needed.

    Now, back to the topic, I agree with Sue and Todd in that the Biograpy was average at best. Worth a watch, but not to repeat for a while after.