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    Hello to members of the community JW

    The French research the Videos or DVDs of the following events:

    • An All-Star Tribute to John Wayne
    1976 - USA - Documentary - 1h

    With Glen Campbell (himself), Angie Dickinson (herself), Ron Howard (Himself), Maureen O'Hara (itself), Frank Sinatra (Himself)

    The story of "An All-Star Tribute to John Wayne"
    A documentary dedicated to John Wayne by big Hollywood stars

    •On Board with the Duke 1995 (68 mins)
    John Wayne and The Wild Goose

    •John Wayne The American Unquiet (1997) (60mins)

    •Young Duke; The Making of a Movie Star 1992 (45 mins)

    •Plimpton! Shootout at Rio Lobo. 1970 (50 mins)

    •John Wayne the Duke Lives On: A Tribute 1984 (48 mins)

    If can show me where I can find these documents or if I find them I'll be ecstatic.

    In the meantime thank you for your answers


    Note: I own a video of an interview with John PARIS to present the film Los ALAMOS