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    It turns out we had this in our VHS drawer, and had never opened it! So we watched it last night. The short about McLintock! was narrated by Maureen O'Hara. The one about In Harm's Way had quite a bit of information by and about Otto Preminger. I think I have seen the one about The Cowboys (maybe on the DVD?), although at the time the tape was released, it may have been rare.

    Most of what we saw, we had not seen before - it was completely worth it, from that standpoint.

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    In honor of the anniversary of John Wayne's death, we watched this tonight. We've had it quite a while, but just now got around to watching it.

    It was OK. It seemed to have a less-than-enthusiastic presentation. It had many familiar photographs, but also some I had never seen before.

    One thing I particularly noticed was that the time line they presented, of Duke's marriages, was consistent with the possibility of an 'indiscretion' that may have resulted in a not-acknowledged-publicly child.

    It was interesting that there was NO mention whatsoever of Pat Stacy, but I think that must have been out of respect for Pilar, who was obviously willing to be interviewed extensively for the special. Otherwise, the producers were not especially shy about mentioning other affairs he'd had (Marlena Dietrich, for example).

    There was no comment by any of his children, which I found surprising.

    Anyway, it was interesting, but not particularly outstanding, IMO.

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    With so many of Duke's movies out on DVD since the inception of this thread, many documentaries are also now readily available, some on their own, and others as special features on the film's DVD. I am (bump)-ing this thread to bring it to the attention of some of our newer members. I strongly urge you to read from the beginning of the thread. Keith has amassed some excellent information here, with a huge amount of help from Elly and DukePilgrim, as to what is out there.

    It would be good if you have seen some of these documentaries, to add your thoughts in this thread. Reading through has renewed my interest in obtaining some of them that I don't have, and watching again some of the ones I already own.

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    This seems an appropriate place to share a link to another thread related to both this video and also the book of the same name -

    We own this video, and have nothing but praises for it! Just today, we got our copy of the book by the same name, as is indicated in the thread referenced above.

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