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    The 'other' one off the The Searchers 2 Disc Special edition

    John Milius/ Martin Scorsese/ Curtis Hanson>(1956/ 1998)

    Three directors, John Milius, Martin Scorsese, and Curtis Hanson, track their relationship with the film and explicate its fine points. The image is widescreen and enhanced. Frankly, one gets more out of this than Bogdanovich's audio track. It's heart-wrenching to hear Milius wax so eloquently about The Searchers, as his career achievement could easily be comparable to Ford's, were it not for a vague, unofficial blackballing of the man in Hollywood due to his politics. This featurette is credited only to Sparkhill Productions and copyrighted 2006.

    Here's a few more I have come across,
    Anyone seen or got them??

    THE YOUNG DUKE:Wayne Before Stagecoach
    Bob Sessions; Wonderland Entertainment.(1994)

    Traces John Wayne's early career from his debut in 1928 in silent films and westerns, showing original and rare footage.

    The story of the man who personified the tough laconic peace-maker of the prairie before his rise to stardom.
    John Wayne made 80 films in eight years prior to “Stagecoach”, and during this time developed the swaying walk
    and lopsided grin that was to become his trademark.
    From his first film job as an extra, this programme features many of his early roles.

    Watch this trailer

    James Coburn (Host) (1984)

    Hosted by James Coburn, "Cowboys of the Saturday Matinee" takes a fond look back
    at many of Hollywood's most famous western heroes.
    Features archive footage of
    Gene Autry, Tex Ritter , Roy Rogers
    and John Wayne

    A NATION BUILDS A FIRE (40 mins)
    (Vietnam War)
    Armed Forces Information & Education/ U.S. Department of Defense.(1967)

    Introduced by Vice-President Hubert Humphrey and hosted on camera by John Wayne, this Defense Department film describes the Vietnamese social revolution, in which the South Vietnamese Government is trying to improve the health and welfare of the people and build a nation. Individual US soldiers explain how America is helping this effort. Footage includes Saigon street scenes, peasant life, Seabees construction projects, sailors teaching carpentry to Vietnamese children, and the training and village operations of revolutionary development cadres.

    Propaganda documentary account of the South Vietnamese social revolution and the ways in which the United States attempted to help the Vietnamese populace modernize and defend their country.

    THAT'S ACTION (108 mins)
    John Wayne (Primary Contributor), Cary Grant (Primary Contributor), G. David Schine (Director). (1977)

    Art Linkletter hosts this compilation of action-filled scenes from over thirty Saturday matinee favorites, including "Gunga Din," "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame," "Johnny Guitar," "High Noon," Fair Wind To Java," "The Quiet Man," "Rio Grande," "White Cargo," "Salome," "Flying Tigers," "The Fighting Seabees," "Dakota Incident," "Dark Command," Brimstone," "Angels of the Amazon," "War Of The Wildcats," "Sands of Iwo Jima" and many more.

    Do you count running movie commentaries or only separate documentaries?


    Really stand alone Documentaries.
    The problem with this subject is that some have been shown, but not released.
    However I have attempted to highlight the one's we know of so far.

    The American West of John Ford....that is the one I was telling Peter about. I had never seen it and thought I had seen all of his. But it was on that $5 John Wayne Tribute Collection I mentioned before with all the 1939 movies, Angel and the Badman, and McClintock on it. That was a great bit on Ford. Just wish they wouldn't have put in all the movie parts and just done what they did with Pappy, Hank Fonda, Jimmy Stewart, and Andy Devine....that was funny! Notice how Pappy says he wanted Ward Bond for the part but he couldn't drive a six-up. Wondered if that was, I heard it from HIMSELF! I actually seeing Lucy Meets John Wayne on TV a few times.

    Well about ready for my post on Katie Elder. Guess there are no rules, you just do it as you want. KPKEITH

    Previously posted here:-

    The American West of John Ford (1971) (TV) (68 mins)

    Produced by Tom Egan, Dan Ford and Brit Lomond
    Directed by Denis Sanders

    Hosted and Narrated by John Wayne,
    Henry Fonda, and James Stewart,
    this documentary pays homage to
    'The guy who made westerns'
    Duke joins John Ford in Monument Valley,
    which also features, Andy Devine.
    Includes many clips from the films,
    made there with Ford.

    A worthwhile documentary, and a must have.

    I'm wondering if the special to which you are referring might be the documentary "The Turning of the Earth" which I believe is available as one of the extras on The Searchers DVD. It's been a real long time since I've watched it, so I can't be sure, but it's worth checking (even it's not what you're looking for, it's good watching). If I'm wrong, one of my compadres will jump in and let us know. :wink_smile:

    Again, welcome to the JWMB! We look forward to getting better acquainted!

    Chester :newyear: (and the Mrs. :angel1: says "Howdy" too!)

    Glad you mentioned this Jim, and it got me thinking that we hadn't posted this doc before.

    So here it is, I will also copy this to the
    Duke's Documentaries

    A Turning of the Earth: John Ford, John Wayne and the Searchers (1998)

    Documentary on the making of _Searchers, The (1956)starring John Wayne and directed by John Ford, with outtake

    Directed by
    Nick Redman

    Writing Credits
    Nick Redman

    Patrick Wayne ... Narrator (voice)
    John Milius ... voice of John Milius (voice)
    Pippa Scott ... Pippa Scott (voice)
    Lana Wood ... Lana Wood (voice)
    Dan Ford ... Dan Ford (voice)
    Peter Rainer ... Harry Carey Jr. (voice)

    Brian Jamieson .... producer
    Nick Redman .... producer
    Michael Rosendale .... co-producer
    Vince Stancarone .... producer
    Trevor Willsmer .... associate producer

    Harry Carey Jr. .... special thanks
    Ted Elrick .... special thanks
    John Ford .... dedicatee
    John Wayne .... dedicatee

    User Review

    featuring tons of outtakes and rare footage from "the searchers" intercut with interviews of many of the surviving cast and crew,
    "the turning of the earth" is an outstanding documentary about the making of one of the greatest films of all time.
    it's insightful, well-researched and well-made, one of the finest films on the making of a film. "the turning of the earth"
    is (as far as i know) only available with "the searchers" special edition laserdisc, but it's well worth seeking out for any
    john wayne/john ford fans. for fans of "the searchers" it's an absolute must.

    Nothing of great importance, but this release has me at least curious.

    As far as I can tell it contains this documentary

    Looks like it includes the two VHS documentaries.
    Bigger Than Life, and The American West of John Ford, (see below)
    They both released as VHS (I have them)
    See here:=
    Duke's Documentaries- Discussion-Post 6

    Looks like as in DVD releases, it has 'extras'.

    Bigger Than Life

    Quote from ethanedwards

    This documentary pays homage, to Duke
    throughout is life, showing rare footage
    and clips, a worthy tribute to a classic legend.

    Personally, I thought it was just about OK!!!

    The American West of John Ford

    Has anyone, come across any 'new' documentary releases?

    Here is an earlier thread, I've copied over here:-


    Old June 7th, 2003

    sorry aec23 have never heard about this one and to get lazer disc you must be joking we are years behind so we may have to wait ages before it comes here :lol:

    cheers smokey


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    General Sterling Price

    Well done Chester...when you finish watching it, you will have the feeling like you have seen it all over for the first time...let us know what you think!



    Old June 30th, 2003

    Well, I just got my copy of the documentary, and it is really good. There are a lot of home movie shots with the Duke and Ford. Patrick Wayne gives both sides of the story on the discovery of Monument Valley. It was worth buying.

    So far, what we can see here, is that it seems that quite a few,
    documentaries, have only been aired on TV and at best,
    have only been released on VHS.
    Now that most of Duke's available movies are now already out on DVD,
    there seem a perfect marketing opportunity,
    for the distributors to get hold of these docs,
    and get them digitally transferred!!

    Going Hollywood: The War Years (1988) (106 mins)

    Directed by Julian Schlossberg

    The War Years.JPG

    Hollywood's dramatic contribution to the war effort including clips from
    "Bataan", "Pride of the marines" and "Cover girls",
    as well as newsreel footage and interviews with the day's biggest stars.
    Includes archive footage of some of Duke's War movies.

    Full Cast

    Van Johnson .... Himself/Host
    Vivian Blaine .... Herself
    Humphrey Bogart .... Himself (archive footage)
    Dane Clark .... Himself
    Jackie Cooper .... Himself
    Gloria DeHaven .... Herself
    Douglas Fairbanks Jr. .... Himself
    Evelyn Keyes .... Herself
    Joan Leslie .... Herself
    Roddy McDowall
    Tony Randall .... Himself
    Sylvia Sidney .... Herself
    Joan Crawford .... (archive footage) (uncredited)
    Farley Granger .... (archive footage) (uncredited)

    Writing credits (in alphabetical order)
    Charles Badaracio

    Produced by

    Jonathan Kaplan .... associate producer
    Anthony Pittinza .... associate producer
    Julian Schlossberg .... producer

    Not bad, if a bit long in the tail.
    This was broadcast in th U.K on BBC TV

    Thanks Mike,

    It sounds the sort of quality, we experienced with 'The Anthology,
    and on reading your review, it almost feels like it's a re-packaged re-release!
    However, the Narrator and Director doesn't seem to have popped up before,
    so at the moment we'll, have to take it as it comes!


    "American Masters"
    John Ford/John Wayne: The Filmmaker and The Legend
    2006 (97 mins) Directed by Sam Ballard

    Thanks for this one Mike,

    Looks like another good one,
    and nominated for 3 Emmys!

    Narrated by Sydney Pollack

    Features, Archive footage of
    Duke, Harry Carey, William H. Clothier,
    John Ford, Francis Ford,

    and as themselves,
    Peter Bogdanovich, Harry Carey Jr. Scott Eyman
    Dan Ford, Joseph McBride, Andrew V. McLaglen,
    John Milius, Robert Parrish, Mark Rydell
    Richard Schickel, Martin Scorsese Pippa Scott,
    David Thomson and Patrick Wayne

    The Making of 'The Quiet Man' (1992) (25 mins)

    Written, Produced and hosted by Leonard Maltin

    Quiet Man.JPG

    Leonard Maltin,film critic hosts this fortieth anniversary
    documentary, in a behind-the-scenes look
    at the making of The Quiet Man.

    This doc features Michael Wayne, Toni Wayne (as Toni Wayne LaCava)
    Andrew V. McLaglen, and includes achive footage of
    John Ford, Maureen O'Hara and Duke.

    Rare footage looks at the filming process,
    and takes a look at some of the experiences
    of the cast and crew members,
    as well as discussing some of the influence
    The Quiet Man had on later films.
    Many photos supllied by the Wayne Family

    I thought this excellent, although
    my VHS copy was bit rough on the colours,
    I trust the DVD is an improvement

    John Wayne the Duke Lives On: A Tribute 1984 (48 mins)

    Directed by Daniel Helfgott
    Produced by Daniel Helfgott

    A tribute to the greatest box office attraction
    Hollywood has ever known.
    With rare early photographs and movie clips
    from some of John Wayne's most outstanding roles,
    this tribute traces the remarkable life and career
    of the man the world came to know as "The Duke".

    Lonny Chapman narrates this tribute,
    which features archive footage of Duke as himself!

    Thanks for this one Mike,
    and one I haven't seen or got!
    However, I am keeping a watchful eye
    on the fact some docs maybe,
    the same with different titles,
    but so far, I haven't come across that!!