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    Another political documentary DVD that involved John Wayne was No Substitute for Victory which was primarily about the war being fought in Vietnam at the time and delves into the links with previous conflicts from 1945 to 1970. John Wayne provides the narration links between interviewees such as General Clarke, Vietnam Veterans and journalists like Lowell Thomas.

    At 73 minutes it is interesting to watch and most of the Wayne links are filmed in his den with his Oscar for True Grit on display. Documentary dates from 1970. Film is available on DVD in Region Free. Print and Sound are Very Good.


    Great list Elly!!

    There is a Discovery programme on the Death of John Wayne which is a discussion about whether he caught cancer from filming The Conqueor in Utah.

    Also, there is the infamous Barry Norman Hollywood Greats on John Wayne from 1980 but I cant imagine anyone wanting to watch liberal pinky Barry grudgingly give John Wayne some praise through buckets of sarcasm and a hacket job !!

    Funny how the only Hollywood Greats ever to be remade was John Wayne.


    The Republic Pictures Story released in 1991 and available on NSTC video.

    A very comprehensive and nearly 2 hours documentary on Republic Pictures.

    Obviously, John Wayne features in this story with clips from his 33 movies he made at Republic.

    The video is spilt into sections covering various areas of Republic's output.

    There are portions on the numerous Serials such as westerns, super heroes and science

    Musical Cowboys Gene Autry and Roy Rogers are interviewed with numerous clips from their movies.

    War Movies which covers Republic WW2 war output and includes Flying Tigers Fighting Seabees and Sands of Iwo Jima

    John Wayne This covers Duke's output with Republic from Westward Ho in 1936 to The Quiet Man in 1952. Approximately 15 minutes in length in mainly consists of clips from his movies at Republic with little discussion of his dealings with Herbert Yates.

    Extras and Effects shows what the Studios special effects and miniatures produced for their movies.

    Later Years shows the move away from small movies bigger artistic movies and into areas such as film noir, anti communist and romantic movies and the final westerns plus the demise of Republic with television.

    The Future shows the rise of a production company called Republic Pictures in the 1990s which were producing new movies for Television and Cable.

    All in all a detailed documentary. A little more information on the studio history and the illustrious Herbert Yates and more on John Wayne would have been nice.


    Hi Keith

    I definitely think there is a market for DVD releases of John Wayne documentaries especially appropiate within 100th Anniversary year.

    The John Ford/John Wayne: The Filmmaker and The Legend was made
    with the co-operation of Wayne Enterprises so lets hope somebody has inspiration.


    John Ford/John Wayne: The Filmmaker and The Legend. Absolutely superb DVD and documentary. Brilliant remastered material, rare footage and narrative from the Duke and wonderful well paced story.

    One of the best documentary DVDs I have seen. Great insight into Ford character.

    Andrew Mc Laglen is the spit of hi Da now.


    Hi Keith

    I got my John Wayne the Duke Lives On: A Tribute. It is about 48 minutes in length.

    It states it is 1980 RKO release although the video has 1989 from Turner Entertainment on it.

    Quite a good video. the first 12 minutes takes from being born to Stagecoach with a lot of clips from his early movies.

    Then follow a section on the roles he played after Stagecoach in the 1940s.

    The bulk of the video concentrates on his war movies of Flying Tigers Sand of Iwo Jima, Flying Leathernecks and in particular the Ford westerns Fort Apache, Rio Grande, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and The Quiet Man .

    No mention sightings of any of the Hawks movies or The Searchers!!

    After this there are clips from attending political rallies in 1950s Liberty Bell etc and a 1970's Republican rally with Gerald Ford and the Brass Balls award at Harvard in 1974.

    There are some clips from the Barbara Walters interview before his death and the 1979 Oscars.

    Biggest blooper is the narrator saying that he lost out on an Academy Award for the second time for his role in The Quiet Man.

    He is shown winning his Oscar in 1970 for True Grit and leaving the show with his academy award.

    Print is good for a video but the colour in the colour clips are a little faded.


    Hi Keith

    Here is another interesting one John Ford/John Wayne: The Filmmaker and The Legend

    This dvd is from the recently aired PBS American Masters documentary "John Ford/John Wayne: The Filmmaker and The Legend."

    John Ford is considered by many America's greatest director - winner of six Academy Awards, more than any director before or since. John Wayne is the actor whom he transformed from a B-western cowboy into a larger-than-life national icon. Their friendship and professional collaboration spanned 50 years, changed each other's lives, changed the movies and, in the process, changed how America saw itself.

    Their remarkable body of work - including Stagecoach, Fort Apache, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Rio Grande, The Searchers, The Horse Soldiers, The Alamo and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - is heroic and nostalgic, reflecting all the elements and all the paradoxes in 20th-century America: generosity of spirit, abuse of power, a sense of loyalty and a new, restless nationalism.

    Hi Keith

    Great to see there are so many titles out there

    The American West of John Ford is available from for £3.99

    I have obtained this video from Canada

    The Duke Lives On. Didnt pay much have you seen this one?


    Excellent Thread Keith Iwasnt aware of the Duke & The General.

    Other documentaries are BBC Reputation Programme on life of John Wayne.
    A detailed hour of interviews and clips.

    Hollywood Greats again aired on BBC with Jonathan Ross 45 minute programme cover his career with recent footage of his children being interviewed.

    It would be nice with 100th Anniversary approaching if special DVD was issued of On Board with Duke plus his frequent TV appearances.