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    Just curious about what you found farfetched? I kinda felt the assasination stories were a little suspect.


    I just bought "John Wayne: A Western Celebration". It is a really nice collectors book & makes a nice coffee table book (however, I wouldn't let anyone else get they're grubby hands on it!). It is a limited edition and a bit pricey but...

    "With text by Jane Pattie, this is another fine book from publisher Wilma Russell’s stable of Western Classics. This limited print run volume is a gorgeous oversized book showcasing the posters from John Wayne’s western films, including rare and colorful vintage posters. Their bold blaze of color and exciting graphics enticed us to the theatres to see The Duke’s latest adventure. Filled with photos, quotes and other tidbits, a synopsis of the film accompanies each poster. Hardcover, 11.25" x 14.25", 224 pages".

    I have recently purchased "The John Wayne Filmography" by Fred Landesman (a pricey $75) and I don't recall seeing it on here anywhere. It is very comprehensive but somewhat clinical in it's information on "every" movie made by the Big Guy. It basically relates dates, studio, casts, and plot with some extras like box-office statistics. Not as many pictures as one would probably like and it is printed on yellowing paper making it all look like something from long ago. As I said, it is rather clinical in it's interpretations...not a lot of antecdotes.
    I just received "John Wayne-A Western Celebration", which is a very colorful, huge book dealing with the westerns of John Wayne's career. Full color reproductions of old movie posters (some of the posters are more exciting than the original movie was but hey, sensationalism sells!). These book claims to be a limited edition and I ordered it directly from it's web-site. I paid $100 for it plus shipping and I noticed Amazon had it listed for about $130 (but unavailable).
    What I'd like to find is a really good biography of John Wayne, the actor and the man. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.