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    Hello Everyone

    Not exactly a "Duke book" but a place to buy at great discounts!

    I ordered this last week (cannot wait to read it!)

    Lloyd Hamilton: Poor Boy Comedian of Silent Cinema (Paperback)
    By Anthony Balducci

    I just got an email from the company offering me 10% off everything I order and telling me they have refunded 10% off this book as a promo was not applied correctly.

    WELL! The book was discounted by 20% when I ordered it so now I have gotten a total of 30% OFF and the company do


    I am well pleased! Not only a great book judging by the reviews but a great price!


    Yes Elly,
    I will open a new thread,
    Duke's Adventure Annuals/ Comics

    and I'll delete them from the main list.

    I just sent them to you. And you just posted them they look great. Nice that others can enjoy these things too.

    I am sure there are LOADS more but it makes a start for anyone who wants to collect in this area.

    I am always amazed at the diversity of collectables relating to JW there are and that still keep coming.

    I have gone through the list of main books,
    and edited in more information and product description

    Thanks Keith

    I have a list and loads of pics of John Wayne Adventure annuals and comics. Do you want me to email them to you so you can post them?

    Also I have a lot pics of magazine covers JW appeared on and articles written about him do you want me to email those to you to post?

    I was looking through this book because I finally did a Access database of my Duke movies.

    THE COMPLETE FILMS OF JOHN WAYNE, by Zmiewsky and Ricci

    I noticed one of the movies I have Hell Town is not in the book. Makes me think how many more are out there I don't own or not in that book.


    I have noticed this too in a few books that the filmography is not complete. I did post a list on this site of what i had gathered from various sources as being a "COMPLETE" list of JW films.

    Hi Bob

    What else was amongst the 20 boxes and what do you do with the rest? just curious LOL

    BY the way did we ever put together a LIST of the books mentioned here? I know there was talk of it in this thread but I do not see it anywhere?

    Would be useful just to have a list of title author publisher ISBN.

    If not maybe I will just have to find some time and do it myself

    I had a book, I kick myself in the head now.
    I bought it at an auction (a live auction, as there was no Ebay then) in the 1980's, at that time the book sold at auction for $350.00, a bit of money, even back then.
    It was a hard bound book that Duke had in his library. It was STAGECOACH, it have every frame of the movie and the complete dialogue of the movie. It was signed by Duke, and was certified to be one of his last signatures, and from his library. Unfortunately, my wife and I developed some serious financial troubles, the economy was like today's, we both lost our job, and had no money, so I had to sell the book. I hope today it is in good hands, I could imagine what it would sell for now.

    I have a copy of the book you are talking about ( although not the one from JW library or signed by him)! I wish it was though.

    I think I have attached a picture of the cover perhaps you can let me know if it is the same one?