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    I think everyone thinks real money is whatever they use in their country. My gripe with US dollars was why the hell do all the denominations have to look the same.

    They don't look the same anymore... the $100's, $50's, $20 & $10's have all been colorized. Different security features have been added to the bills. And I;d rather have them the same size instead of having like a huge 10,000 Lire note and a skimpy 500 Lire note. Different sizes were a pain when I lived in Europe

    Postage works out about seven dollars about £3.50 in real money and I consider that to be quite reasonable.



    Real money... when I first visited Europe it all looked like Monopoly money. If yours is real money why is ours always copied and the market always runs on how the might dollar is doing? Especially now that we're going to back to dollar coinage. I remember my first 10,000 Lire and though it was funny money as big as it was.

    I have a 1990 £5 pound note in my hands and the silver strip is visible and looks like it's falling out.


    I have most of Tim's books too. They are a great read. Worth every penny and not by the pound. :)

    I'm not sure why he doesn't accept that either... it would make it easier but it might be a hassle for him. That other book he puts out every year is over 100 pages so that's not something you can just throw together, he probably spends all year just to release the next volume. The next one comes out in November. Plus any book signings he has to go to. He was at Winterset for a day on Duke's birthday.

    I bought There Rode A Legend while I was in Winterset so I saved on postage there along with a couple other books by Roger Crowley.

    I've also found some other books that look interesting and one is actually brand new and doesn't come out until October 2007. It looks like a good one...

    It's $12 pre-order, only 128 pages, it's called and written by:
    "The Quotable John Wayne: The Grit and Wisdom of an American Icon"
    by John Wayne, Carol Lea Mueller.


    I'm not sure why he doesn't accept that either... it would make it easier but it might be a hassle for him. That other book he puts out every year is over 100 pages so that's not something you can just throw together, he probably spends all year just to release the next volume. The next one comes out in November. Plus any book signings he has to go to. He was at Winterset for a day on Duke's birthday.

    I bought There Rode A Legend while I was in Winterset so I saved on postage there along with a couple other books by Roger Crowley.

    Quote I got from Tim was $20.00 for airmail plus I would have the hazzle of getting a dollar check or money order which would also add to the cost.

    To be honest whilst I would have liked to have bought from Tim it was not viable option for anyone outside USA.


    That's a little steep... I haven't talked to him in awhile, but that sounds awful high. Definitely not what I paid. Wait a minute... now I see why. You not in the US. No wonder it's so high. I guess I don't pay attention to where people are at. With the weight of the book being 2 lbs. then $20 is very reasonable.

    Members in the US could definitely get them from Tim and get a decent shipping price.

    An autographed copy would be nice but it was less hazzle and easier to get through Birthplace and shipping was much lighter .


    It was just a suggestion for those who want an autographed copy. The book price is the same and shipping from the Birthplace is $9.50 while shipping from Tim is cheaper. No hassle at all, I sent Tim a check and he sent me the book. Just an option since I get as many as I can autographed.

    If you buy it directly from Tim Lilley himself he'll autograph it for you. Just remember after celebration price is $30 for the book and $5.00 for shipping. Plus he autographs it for you. Big plus in my book. Tim is a great guy, I also get his yearly book he puts out called The Trail Beyond. I have all but the first issue, it's a yearly book.

    Tim Lilley Order Form


    I buy all the books I can and then read them as I can. I got the Oscar book for $5 and the Roses Parade book for $2. I bought an old magazine with Duke in it on eBay for $.01 yesterday. I also found an excellent book last night on eBay for $6, never seen it before.

    I've gotten behind... I bought about another dozen books in the last week or so but since I can't post them in a large block and a single post I lose track. I do know I got this book today but would have to figure out which others are new in the last week.


    I've gotten several new books in the last few days... I don't know where to start.

    I forgot to mention in the post about the 40th Anniversary of The Quiet Man special set of goodies. I have one of the numbered sets. They did a re-printing but didn't number them. It was more than 5000... just not sure how many. Mine is numbered and I have No. 5339

    The number in on the back of the main sleeve, in the lower right corner, just to the right of the Republic Pictures Home Video logo and copyright info of:


    Some other books I have recently added are really nice. One I just got today has numerous photos in it but a couple in particular I really liked...


    The first one is a huge 32 page movie program. Has some really nice movie shots inside the booklet. It's also large, 9" x 12". It was a souvenir book I suppose passed out or sold at the movies or somewhere. The second book is a small paperback. The one on the right has some really wonderful photos of Duke, his family and others... one photo in particular I am going to print and frame...

    Then, a lot of people have asked about an old episode of Laugh-In where he was dressed as a rabbit. this book has a photo of that, not a perfect one but it was funny to see. I highly suggest if you can find this special memorial issue magazine on eBay, get it at any cost. It's a great buy.

    3 more book to add to my list...


    The first one is actually a 40th Anniversary collector's edition that came with the big book you see in the picture, a large and mini-lobby card, a 40th Anniversary VHS copy of the movie and an Exhibitor's Manual. It was all packaged in the long case you see in the photo. A really nice addition. The second book is absolutely huge, the thickest book I have so far full of photos and info on every single movie he made, almost. It is 333 pages, has a 16 page color photo section and has a ton of B&W images. It will take me days to thumb through this book. The last book is very thin but is all images and some pretty good ones.

    I also found out that Tim does another book once a year called "The Trail Beyond" He started it back in 1999 and I bought all the back issues, all except for the 1st issue since that was sold out. The books are over 100 pages and it's an annual publication on the films of John Wayne. All kinds of articles, location pictures and all sorts of goodies. I think all true die hard fans would love to read these books. Here is the cover for the 2006 edition:

    If your interested I'm sure he'd make you a deal on the back issues as well.

    Just talked to Tim and he said I was off a dollar on the shipping since the special is over. Here is his response:

    Quote from Tim Lilley

    Since we're past the "Centennial Day" sale, the book now sells for the cover price of $30 (+ 4 s/h). The guys could send a check or money order to Big Trail Publishing, 540 Stanton Ave, Akron, OH, 44301

    I know if you asked him to sign it he'd do that as well. Need any more info just ask.

    I can't really give out Tim's email address but I can give you a pre-celebration order form. Now as long as you remember the special pricing is no longer valid since it's after May 26th. The books are now $30 plus $4.00 s/h for a total of $34.00

    Fill out the bottom part of the order form and mail it in to him with your check or money order. No fancy websites or electronic ordering. I've already had a chance to glance through the book and it is pretty damn good.

    Two more books to add to my list... I just got today. Tom's books is really good, I suggest it as good reading for everyone.


    You can see my entire book collection on my forum, just go thru my website. It's just a place for me to show my items without using up a lot of space on here. Plus I'll be adding three more pocket watches shortly when they are received and that completes the entire Franklin Mint domed collection.

    Hi Dakota,
    Thank you for information. From your second group I have a Tribute. Can you write more about John Wayne In the camera eye. I'm thinking about purchasing it at Abebooks - they have pretty cheap copyes.

    John Wayne: In The Camera Eye is a 160 page book written by Sam Shaw. The book was a fond farewell book started before but finished after after his death. Mine is a 1st edition copyright 1979. Sam Shaw had a friendship with Duke for many many years and they shared many experiences. Those years and experiences are shared in this book. His forward goes as follows:

    I know this forward sounds a little strange saying Duke is as American as Hanoi Jane but I see it as, we're all Americans and even though we have opposite ideas like Hanoi Jane pulled the stunt she did Duke is just as American because he took a controversial stand during the war but not to stand up for the war but like we all should, to stand up for the men fighting the war good or not. Same message we should have for our current situation. Some of us may not like what's going on but we have to support the troops. As all military men, we follow orders, our Commander-in-Chief sent us to battle to fight an aggressor to the United States. We fight to stay free and to help others get free. The pictures in this book are amazing and really show sides of Duke we many not have seen before.

    Hi DakotaSurfer,
    Thank you for sending this covers. I have only two of these books - JW American and Company of Heroes. Is the Crowley book a new one? Haven't heard about it before.

    The first one has a copyright of 1999 and the second one has a copyright of 2002. He was there signing books and these are the two he had there.

    Hi Dakota

    Whats Stand up & Be Counted Pilgrim like?


    That book is 7" square and has little quotes from Duke. The first quote is his history of learning the Pledge of Allegiance. The whole book is basically about the Pledge. Having to hide his feelings and his pride of being an American. Also a couple pages about the 26 Bar Ranch. It's just a cute little book with John Wayne all through it.

    Sometimes these subscription pieces from the Franklin Mint all of a sudden stop due to lack of interest. I'm not sure what order they were done in but I'm betting The Green Beret was last since there are so few around and it is the more rare piece of the whole collection. One of Rooster would have been perfect, sitting on a horse, right hand twirling a rifle and with the eye patch. Now that would have been a figurine.