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    Hi there LT. Don't know if this will help:

    "While speaking at London's National Film Theatre in 2009, Ben Burtt disclosed that the alien gibberish sprouted by the Mos Eisley spy Garindan/Long Snoot in Star Wars was actually the processed voice of John Wayne. "

    You can find it down near the end of this:

    Hope it helps, KEITH

    That actually helps a whole lot, now I gotta drag out the DVD to see if I can hear Duke.

    Thanks so much for your quick and kind answer, hope one day I can return the favor.

    I know I haven't been here frequently, but I have been trying to whittle down the backlog of movies I got for Christmas and have just about got to a reasonable amount. But anyway I received two John Wayne books for Christmas, and one of them has me scratching my head as to the whereabouts this particular piece of trivia came in.

    In "John Wayne: From Western Hero to Hollywood Legend"

    it says


    Although the final result was heavily processed, Wayne provided the voice for the character of Imperial Spy Garindan in the first offering of George Lucas' Star Wars Saga

    Sorry if this has been discussed to death already, but there is two strikes against me, 1: I am too lazy to peruse the backlog of posts, 2: I haven't been following the discussions like I should have.