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    It's funny you brought this up. I just started reading John Wayne: The Genuine Article by Michael Goldman. I've read it when I first bought it, and am now giving it a re-read. Over the years, I have collected many books about Duke and many books that his movies were made from. Heck, I even have the John Wayne paper doll book. :D


    I wonder why there is so much interest in the Duke particularly at the moment, few books were released through the 90's and early 2000's but there seem to be almost a few released a year lately.

    I'm glad there is a renewed interest in John Wayne. I always want to learn more and books are a way to do that. The last 2 books released by Wayne Enterprises are very good books with pics and goodies inside that I have not seen before. But John Wayne: American is still one of the best out there. I wonder what this new book can tell me that the others have not? I'll probably wait to see the reviews or hear from members here about it first.


    I can confirm that "too hard on horses" thing. Years ago, my son and I were someplace where there was an opportunity for horseback riding. They were easily able to saddle my son, but they took one look at me (6'4" and 275+ pounds) and said they didn't have a big enough horse for me. Needless to say, I got to wait while my son went riding.

    Chester :newyear:

    You could have rode Roman style like they did in Rio Grand, Jim. That would have been only 137 pounds per horse. ;)


    Thanks to ebay, will these do?




    Keith, I don't know why you fought having a blog. You have lots of stories and life lessons, so it should come easy to you. I hope you so and I wish you well with it.

    Yes, I am enjoying Bill's, Dooleys and Lasbugas's pictures, posters and Lobby Cards. I sure am getting envious. We all are lucky to have them share their collections with us.


    Well, somehow, my post was removed, but it was up there right after you asked before anyone else answered. I said I had spent a good bit of time searching and had aksed two of my sources to find it. I called off the search as you skipped right over my post and on to Dooley's. Now, it isn't even here. So, one was on to it, but I told him it wasn't necessary anymore to stop tracing. When folks try to help, you should answer them.


    Keith, your post wasn't removed. The topic about the Photoplay magazine had started over in the Train Robbers thread. Since it went off topic for that thread, some of the posts got moved over to here. I looked and saw that your reply was still in that thread. I can see how you thought your post was removed, but it wasn't. I hope this clears up the confusion some.