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    I read the preview of the book available on Amazon, and that was enough for me to decide it was a load of garbage. I did a review of it on my John Wayne fansite, and that got a nasty response (and I do mean nasty) from Richard Jensen (the "author" of the book). So I did a little digging and found out that his publisher, which is Raymond Street Publishers, was founded by some outfit in Oklahoma called "The Writers of the American West." As I dug farther, I found out that both of these are dummy corporations started by Jensen himself. In other words, there is no Raymond Street Publishers and there is no Writers of the American West. It's all fake. My original review of the book can be found here:…me-fact-true-life-of.html , and my response to Jensen's nasty retort to my review, where I debunk both his book on John WAyne, and also Jensen himself (with documentation), can be found here:…n-my-previous-review.html

    My opinion is that Jensen is a fraud and so is the book.

    I recently ordered John Wayne:American, The Man behind the myth and The Life and times of John Wayne, are they any good?

    I really enjoyed reading all three, but, I would have to say that while John Wayne American, and The Life and Times of John Wayne are the best of the three. Munn's book, while enjoyable, does tend to lean a little toward the sensationalistic at times. Still a good read though. I think you'll enjoy all three of them.

    Keith (Ethan Edwards): You may want to make a note regarding the "other" new book that is coming out in May 2013, titled "John Wayne: The Genuine Article." I made mention of it about two or three posts back. Info is available on Amazon.

    RE: Martin Scorcese (or however his name is spelled) - I don't know how "anti-American" he is (sorry Carl), as I have watched several interviews with him and I have seen several specials/documentary's featuring him, and I have never heard him say anything that I would consider "anti-American." Of course, this doesn't mean he is or isn't anti-American, it just means that I haven't heard him say anything that would lead me to think he is. I have heard him say that he has a great deal of respect for John Ford and John Wayne, and for that reason alone I haven't written him or his movies off. At least not entirely. I am not a huge fan of his films, but I have seen several of them. I just never thought they were all that great. Just my two cents here.

    Hoping your Thanksgiving was the best and hoping your Christmas is even better. Mine will be since I have a "newly baked fresh from the oven--brand new Great Nephew" to look forward to seeing ;-))

    Oh and, I still have all my Sgt, Rocks, Sgt. Fury's and some G.I. Combats--ill look when possible and see if I have any extra copies of any? and if so? willl be glad to give them to you. Most of the ones i have arent in mint--I read and reread them many times. Havent looked at them in about 20 years.

    Thanks Carl. I was a big Sgt. Rock fan back then. And I had a bunch of Big Little Books of the Lone Ranger and what not - all westerns. I don't know whatever happened to all of them, but I wish I had them all now! Those BLB's would be worth a small fortune!

    I'm looking forward to reading this as well. And, there is another new one coming out next year called "John Wayne: The Genuine Article" by Michael Goldman. It is also authorized by Wayne Enterprises and Ethan Wayne wrote the preface for it. It is due to be released May 14, 2013. You can read more about here at Amazon:…ine-Article/dp/1608871169

    With the recent spate of crap books about John Wayne (either photocopied wikipedia pages, or the "let's tear down John Wayne" "deconstruction" books), it's nice to see some good books coming out about John Wayne.