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    Hi all jus tthought I would share this with you all. Hope it is the right spot.

    Surfing the amazon world today i found a proposed ne book on Duke due out in May this year.

    Hi every one.

    John Wayne: The Genuine Article by Michael Goldman.…/ref=s9_simh_gw_p14_d0_i1?

    It is due to be published in May this year and is meant to contain family pictures, reproductions of letters etc. Sounds like it could be another great addition to our shelves.

    The book Is classed as authorized by Wayne Family with a preface by Ethan.

    Does anybody have any more info about it other than the dust jacket tag lines?

    Looks like this could be a great companion to the Wayne Enterprises "John Wayne the Legend and the Man" piece from december.

    Have a great weekend.

    Hi all

    I actually bought that book for christmas. It was a W.H.Smith "exclusive" in the UK.

    For my US friends WH Smith is originally a Book seller in UK but now covers a multitude of newspapers, candies cds dvds etc.

    I was going to ask that question about Star Wars as I saw the trivia. Never get round to posting things.

    Well done LT Brannigan.

    Thanks for the link Hawswill