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    That's a good point dukefan the more interest in the book the better but he does seem to get his share of interest from the salacious media aswell who only want to knock him as he's is an easy target for them.

    I wonder why there is so much interest in the Duke particularly at the moment, few books were released through the 90's and early 2000's but there seem to be almost a few released a year lately.

    That book sounds good but I take issue with the claim that Duke's story hasn't already been well told up until now. American is pretty much the definitive book on the Duke and for any autobiography to top that it would have to be something spectacular and I can't see how that's possible with sources of information lessening all the time.

    That sure is a great review Bob, not just a great deconstructing but a very funny retort to boot! Good on you for defending the Duke, he surely needs it these days when so many are too willing too attack an easy target that in reality they know nothing about.