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    If that ad is still around we have folks who might have it. I personally haven't heard of it in the past, but someone here may know much more. Nowadays, with computers, there's no telling what they can do.

    And by the way, WELCOME to the site, and make yourself at home.

    Chester :newyear:

    The commercial shows Duke working on Big Jim McLain, so I would guess that the commercial was made in 51 or 52. Just a guess on my part. :shades_smile:


    I thought about that, after I posted, but just hadn't had a chance to check and 'report back'. Thanks, Mark!

    Such sad irony between the Cancer warnings and the Camels ad.

    NO kidding! It makes me so sad when I see those commercials, knowing how those cigarettes ravaged his body!

    This YT says 1952, the list says 1955 (though I'm confident that Elly is correct).