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    Hi Kevin here from Australia. Many thanks to you all for finding out about the John Wayne ad. I began to think maybe I was imagining I had seen the ad. Come to think of it, I can't remember how long ago it was but 10-15 years seems about right. Anyway, another question....As well as John Wayne I also loved watching Jimmy Stewart, Kirk Douglas and Alan Ladd. I know John worked with jimmy and Kirk, but did He work with Alan Ladd on any productions? Mabye some movies have slipped my mind?

    Hi My name is Kevin and I'm from Western Australia. what I am looking for is any information on a t.v. advertisement I saw only once and I would love to have a record of it on youtube or some kind of video. The ad featured John Wayne sitting at a bar and being threatened by some bad types. The bad types keep threatening John and He says if there's any trouble he will call on his friends. The bad guys say, who? John points to the other end of the bar and all four, Ben, Adam, hoss and little Joe look up and acknowledge John's reasoning with the bad guys. I can't remember what the ad was for but it was priceless and I'd love to see it again. Does anybody know what this ad was for and where I may find it? Regards, Kevin.