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    Hi Keith

    I am keeping it on my list until such time as I can view a good copy and say he definately was not in it.

    Even then I will likely keep it there as it is mooted that this publicity still is from this film. So if that is the case the JW worked on this film even though, as is also mooted his scenes were cut.

    This is basically the same for Women of all nations, except we do not have any pics with JW from this film.

    Both of the films COULD be viewed at UCLA to confirm or deny JW can be seen, but so far, I cannot find anyone to do this. SHAME but that's life.



    I have just watched a poor copy of sweetheart of sigma chi but could make out Buster Crabbe never mind JW!

    Sorry that this is really no news at all but what I did manage to esablish was the publicity still shown below was not any kind of scene in the film and certainly JW (Duke Morrison) was not credited on this film.