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    I'm a little confused, Gorch!

    I was listing movies Maureen was in with JF. I hadn't listed individual movies with Pat!

    In another post, I stated that this thread has him down for 8 appearances with Ford, but I just discovered that IMDb lists 10.

    There's a movie I never even heard of called "The Sun Shines Bright," from 1953...

    If I misread your post, forgive me!!

    Yep. PW made eight films/TV episodes with Pappy, so that qualifies him, no question.

    Also, Maureen is a member as well, even though others have more appearances, her roles were in some of the most iconic films of their (and all) time.

    Keith, I'm "dovetailing" our other conversation onto this thread.

    Pat Wayne was born in July of '39, and shooting was finished several months before.

    Also, did I miss Maureen's name on the list of folks who made a bunch of movies with JF?

    My list:

    How Green Was My Valley
    Rio Grande
    The Quiet Man
    The Long Gray Line
    The Wings of Eagles

    There might be one I'm omitting, but I can't think of it.

    There are other folks on the list with five, me, it begs the question: "Why not Maureen?!"

    This is really sad news. Like LadyHawk, I've been expecting this for some time now.

    He left a great legacy, and was VERY well liked by those who knew/worked with him (except for Howard Hawks - no big whoop), and he was a consummate professional.

    As for the Ford Stock Company, I would personally consider Pat Wayne as a full-fledged member, as he worked with JF since he was about 10 until Ford's death.

    I would also consider Maureen O'Hara one as well, considering the number of films she made with JF, even without Duke.