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    Thanks for your work, Keith.

    Seems to me that anyone who was in Pappy's Troup should remain "his". Perhaps, when mentioning, JWST, you could make it an addendum to Pappy's. Or, if that isn't to yall's liking, Maybe you could list all of Duke's but with an asterisk or something that denotes they were originally part of the JFST. Also, I think that the ones Pappy directed should remain on his original list whether Batjac was involved or not. Duke got quite a few of his own after Pappy was no longer there. But Pappy developed the whole idea, and to me, he should receive full credit for the ones he directed. Just "feels" right to me.


    LOL, very funny MB. At least your sense of humor is still going strong! And WATCH OUT shoveling snow with that flu and bad foot. You are liable to wind up UNDER it and your wife will have to dig you out! KEITH

    Just so you know Russ, The Sun Shines Bright was a little picture, (1953) that Ford put with Wagon Master as two of his favorites.......the ones that he actually accomplished what he set out to do. It has been missing for quite a while, I believe. I saw an interview where Pappy said he had never seen it and would like to. I just know that it was a comedy but had the lynching of Stepin Fetchit in it........the black guy who played Smoke Screen in Salute......actually, I think the original one had him lynched, but this one he was saved. It stared Charles Winninger and Arleen Waylen. Ford seemed very wistful when talking about it.....he really would have liked to see it. I don't even know the actors, but I imagine a lot of folks do. KEITH