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    But i still have no clue as how toeven get them on a tablet or a computer.I still have toput them on a photo cd-then see if someone will be nice enough to post them for me. photo bucket is the one that deleted all my photos because they got greedy and are trying to force people into paying to host thier photos.

    Ive got about ten or so great shots of Steve McQueen in Hell Is for Heroes, and id like getting them up on here at some point but have no clue how to do so yet.

    HEYYYYYYYYY, it worked. However, I only intended to post the Steve McQueen stuff but, thats Ok, you got 5 for one attempt.

    The first two show Steve McQueen in Wanted Dead or Alive as well as the newsticker attached to it. The next is Steve McQueen in: Hell Is For Heroes along with the newsticker and the last one is my one and only from: Gunga Din.

    Hey Keith, if you see these? please post them in their appropriate movies and TV series threads. Ill start posting more as time goes on and will give info on them at the same time. Tomorrow I migh post my 2 images and actors prints from: Battleground, the certificate of authenticity for the Battleground Thompson Familly Archive photo purchase I made last year from actor Marshall Thompsons Daughter-Janet, and my two images from the Ronald Reagan Korean War War Movie classic: Prisoner of War.

    Soon as i can figure out a way, I want to see if someone here can post a few Steve McQueen photos i recently picked up. One is of him in: Wanted Dead or Alive and is a press release pic with the news ticke still attached. At the same time, i got a 2nd mcQueen press release pic-this one of him in: Hell is For heroes. i have a few other HiFH pics as well.