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    John Wayne realized, he made a serious mistake with the slightly sexist comment while giving his opinion to the local chapter of the National Organization for Women.

    Glad you ladies like the picture. I shall try to find you more. ;)

    Jen, you don't have to know the movies, just give us what you feel is funny about the picture.

    Well, the winner of game number 16 is none other than Chester7777! Great going guy! Yea!!

    Now for our current game. This is an old Wayne picture, Girls Demand Excitement. I grabbed this image for smokey as she said she'd like to see some leg on the man. ;) So grab your thinking caps and lets hear what you have to come up with. And remember, newbies can play too. PLEASE, vote for best caption for game #17! Few people are voting, and John Wayne would not be pleased. :rolleyes: