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    Yes Kevin, thanks for reaching out to me. Sometimes life has a way of leading us in different directions. Kids have kept me busy the last few years and 1 is finally leaving the nest. I am doing well myself, no issues, just had to redirect some of my time and energy. I hope to check in from time to time to see what’s going on.

    Wonder what ever happened to Vera from St. Petersburg, Russia? She was pretty active for awhile but we haven't heard from her for quite awhile. Wonder if Putin's thugs picked her up for showing friendliness toward other nationalities?

    I am friends wiht her on Facebook I believe. You may want to try that route if you want to contact her.

    No that I want this to be a joke, but I half expected to see my name here!! HAHA....

    I am checking in weekly but have not posted alot recently. Busy family/work life get's in the way. Probably be the same way in the near future but I am happy to come back and read/share info with you all.

    Hey, it's summer time. Between kids, graduations, birthdays,'s amazing that I have time to think. Good to know you are still checking in from time to time gt.

    I sure do miss Stumpy. I haven't seen him a very long time. I hope he's not mad at me. I came back regular time since around Thanksgiving, and he's not showed up, so I think he's upset with me. Does anyone know what's up?

    Cheers :cool: Hondo

    He leaves from time to time. I think he will show back up sometime. Maybe he got burned out on all the political stuff from the elections and all???

    I wouldn't take it personally Mike.....

    Hi all. Just as I was calling it a night last night, I got a pleasant surprise. My cell phone rang and I didn't recognize the number, but I answered it anyway and lo and behold it was our own Ringo Kid. He wants everyone to know that he is doing very well, living in Houston and hopes to be back in the next few days.

    That's good news, thanks for the update.

    Wow, how did I miss that post Hondo!! If its real its not all that funny, well parts of it are but if its not real I am laughing my butt off!!

    Hi Smokey, glad your studies are going well. We are all in the same spots that we have been in for the last couple years plus there are some new faces as well. Look forward to you joining in again when you have more free time.

    Great post ej.

    I hope people are not becoming offened by reading this. I know both Stumpy and ej as well as myself are not trying to stir anything up. Just trying to explain a few things as we see it.

    If you think that's disappointing, wait until you read this response from itdo -

    Perhaps we should be thinking a little more about what we're typing. There may be others who read this board, who never post, who might be put off by some of what is said.

    Chester :newyear:

    While I appreciate everyone's views and would never want this board to become a environment of hate. There are allot of different people on here and we all have opinion's or experiences that they believe are the right one's. We have to be careful because I don't think we should become sheep and just kiss the boots of whoever just to get recognition. But I think we just need to be sensitive about or ideas and what may be seen or miscontrued. Here is a example, itdo said he didn't like the comments about what people said about a movie. As a board maybe we just need to say that there is a limit as to what we can comment on for a movie review. Not attack things in a personal way.

    These are just thoughts. I am by no means making recommendations, these are just random thoughts. I hate to see a long time member leave over something like this but I commend a person for standing up and taking a stand as I am sure the Duke and all his fans would as well.

    You will be missed itdo, sorry to see you leave.
    Take care of yourself and maybe our paths will cross again sometime.

    Thanks Mike, Todd, I was not able to post here for two weeks because my account would not let me log in. Thanks to Kevin, he got that problem fixed for me. Now to take soem time to try learning where everything is on this new set-up.

    Oh and if anyone sent me a PM and I did not reply, it definately was not intended.

    Rootbeers "on the house" to you all. Ringo. aka--C.

    Carl, you will like the new setup. It is alittle differnet but the added features are a welcome change.

    Glad to see you made it back, see you around.

    Has anyone seen or heard from Graham aka as Chance as of late. I can't remember him making a post for quite some time.


    Haven't seen him Robbie. also Ringo has been missing, I am asumming that the holidayhs have allot to do with that though. I am sure he will be back after the New Year.

    Hey Hondo, glad to see you are ok and are still hanging around. We kind of get lonely so once in awhile we bring this thread up to see if the "originals" are still around. Hope to see you back alittle more often.

    Keith, you are a sight for sore eyes!! Glad you are ok and look forward to your lively discussions in the "seniors" thread.

    Robbie, I think he has been having some romance in his life. He mentioned it in a post awhile back. Other then that I have no idea.

    One other person who has yet to come back is EthanEdwards(Keith), has he completely left us? He did such a nice job with the movie info and then just disappeared.

    Good to hear from you Smokey, sounds like you are coming along nicely in your training. Think of all the fun you will have after you are done!! Look forward to hearing from you when you have time.