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    I haven't had a cable package in over 10 years. I have Amazon prime and stream content from there and I do watch YouTube clips on my tv.

    Your right Mark, ordinary tv is obsolete.

    No problem, jump in when you can. Life is getting busier and busier all the time. Just glad to see you, and all the other old timers jump in from time to time.

    No that I want this to be a joke, but I half expected to see my name here!! HAHA....

    I am checking in weekly but have not posted alot recently. Busy family/work life get's in the way. Probably be the same way in the near future but I am happy to come back and read/share info with you all.

    I have been absent due to health reasons but things are good now and please accept my regret at not being in touch. There have been a few changes to the board in the year plus and it's intersting to learn about them. Murray

    Glad your doing some better, hope to see you around the old campfire more often, welcome back.


    Hi Robbie,

    I must have mis-understood, I though you where thinking of removing members who simply haven't posted in a while, post count didn't matter.

    In the past I have removed members that where inactive with no posts for 2 years, but I may look at something alittle more agressive. I appreciate your input as always and your concern for the bettering of the community.

    I only brought up the purging in case there was interest in a shoutbox and space was needed on the server to implement it. I never see anyone in the chat room and a shoutbox is more easily accessible and viewable. Just a thought...

    I have been thinking of going to a shoutbox and dumping the chat room, and putting on the home page. Now that I have the vB going that can be looked into.

    What BT site do you mod on? I must say that my time is abit tight at times with family activities and all. I also, run a U2 BT site, so I know where your coming from DakotaSurfer :stunned:

    The moderators in question have thier reasons for not posting or visiting. LibertyV semi-retired so to speak, and has had reasons for not spending time here. REASR has been involved in the JW community almost forever and has run a Yahoogroup community for almost 10 years. REASR helped here early on to help establish this site.

    As for the pruning of members here I see no reason to prune members and certainly not for not being active in 2 months. We have pruned members that haven't visited in 2 or more years and that should be the cut off. A girl name jen was gone almost 2 years, and I'm glad we didn't remove her account.

    Interesting thread. Everyone has posted valid points of views, buy as someone before has pointed out earlier you have to have a thick shin when your interacting with others in a very public forum. I take very few thing personally, and can generally take it or leave it.

    All I can say is I hate to have anyone leave the site over bad feelings, but at the end of the day, leaving might be the best thing for both the member and the rest of the board.