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    Honest candor tempored with civility

    What a fantastic way to sum up what this board should be about. T Bone's sentence should be inscribed in latin and used as a guiding star for this board




    I thought this topic would be 'interesting' and the comments well presented. it all illustrates the reason why this site is like it is and hopefully always will be. I can't imagine any reason to veto, censor or ban any member for making a comment. Now I'll take my moderaters hat off and get back to normal.




    When I read Rolands comments yesterday they supported what I originally thought was one of the reasons for his choosing to be a non participent on this board. originally he asked a what to me was a perfectly innocent question namely had anyone read the Jane Fonda autobiography. The response he got would have put anyone off.

    I may be getting into trouble here but however to me Jane Fonda is an actress who turned me on as a kid in Barbrella and now is a reasonably attractive 69 year old actress who advertising some cream on British television.

    However I am not naive enough to ignore her past history and the place she holds in America, and by the fact that I am writing this now shows that I believe in free speech for all.


    Whilst the Vietnam conflict was a terrible thing it was mainly an American thing. Roland and I are Europeans. We could watch as the events unfolded and be concerned but purely as that bystanders, the internal goings on were not of our concern. There is a parrallel to day and for the British it is a little closer to home particularly as our young men and women are also dying along side the young American men and women.

    People are crying out for the present war to stop as the American people did then. I do not condone or not condone Jane Fondas politics or actions they did not concern me, nor I supect did they Roland's, it is an American thing and perhaps should be contained for a political board rather than an appreciation of a fine actor John Wayne who it would be considered as a patriot would despise Jane Fonds credo but was asked and did present her with an Award.

    One of our MP's was accused of going to Iraq and trying to agitate on their behalf. people spoke out against him many just called him a clown.

    In the Second World War a man named William Joyce later to be called Lord Haw Haw went to Germany and nightly broadcast to the British public how badly the war was going.
    People listened and when he announced that the Germans had sunk HMS Collingwood which is a naval shore establishment outside of Fareham, people began to realise that he was a clown. Mind you it didn't stop us hanging him after the war.

    It may be that Roland has a point about the Wayne family I certainly believe so. I detect a slight softening particularly in the work that Chillibilly is doing with the Bar26, the establishment of a fan club and the educational centre in Winterset. it is these avenues that we should be exploring.

    Leave World War II and Vietnam for what it was and for what Iraq will be in the future a horarific episode in the past history of our countries histories.

    I was going to save tis for my 3000 post but perhaps a couple early won't make much difference here or there.