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    Hey, I'm puzzled myself about Bill. I miss his font of information.

    After Keith said that Bill had created his own website, I googled "chilibill", which brought it up, and sure enough there was old Bill on the 26bar ranch. But I didn't find any means of "talking" to him on the site. I was gonna ask him to rejoin us.


    The reason for his demise from here, is a little sad,
    but suffice to say, brought about by himself.
    Bill is not banned from this site, and is welcome to post if he wants.
    Since then Bill created his own web site.

    Thanks for the info, Keith, although I'm puzzled by your comment that he brought his leaving upon himself. Apparently I didn't pay enough attention to what was going on with Bill.

    I know that he used to get a little prickly if he even thought someone was criticizing him in any way but he seemed as if he always got over those rare occasions. I know I myself ticked him off a time or two but we always managed to patch things up.

    Wonder what ever happened to Vera from St. Petersburg, Russia? She was pretty active for awhile but we haven't heard from her for quite awhile. Wonder if Putin's thugs picked her up for showing friendliness toward other nationalities?

    Sorry to hear about your health problems but glad to have you back with us, Murray. Keep the old chin up.

    BTW, are you aware that "Kings of the Sun" will be released on DVD shortly?

    All I can say is I hate to have anyone leave the site over bad feelings, but at the end of the day, leaving might be the best thing for both the member and the rest of the board.

    Wholeheartedly agree, Kevin. If someone is such a prima donna and so thin-skinned that they can't accept some of the things that are said on a public forum, because the opinions don't agree with their own, then they need to seek satisfaction elsewhere.

    I did that very thing recently - as a political junkie, I sought out and joined a forum to argue politics (one of my favorite pastimes :wink_smile: ) but it soon sunk in that most of the people on there were much farther left on the political scale than I am, so I left.

    Believe me, folks, when I say that there are a lotta people in this world, and even in this country, who hate the United States and everything it stands for. I got so damned mad on that forum that I thought it best that I leave, for the sake of my blood pressure if nothing else.

    I know both Stumpy and ej as well as myself are not trying to stir anything up. Just trying to explain a few things as we see it.

    Hell, guys, differences of opinion are what make the world go 'round. Like ej said, if you don't like a post, just ignore it.

    BTW, nice lizard (though I was partial to the "Don't Tread on Me" flag):wink_smile:

    Well, I thought I'd give the flag a rest and put up a "horny toad" just for a change. Sort of a Texas-style symbol, ya know. But I've got the flag in reserve.

    I've been on one forum where the members change their avatars almost daily. Hard to keep up with 'em.

    John Wayne was, first and foremost, an individualist. He would have totally rejected the concept of collective "group-think", i.e., that others could tell him what and when he could voice an opinion. I truly believe this aspect of his personality was one of the things that made him so popular with so many people. In other words, he personified the rugged individualist who settled the wild American West.

    I know this character trait of Big John’s was one of the reasons I found him so appealing. I too am an individualist and detest others trying to dictate what I can say and when I can say it. I don’t deliberately go looking for conflicts with other people but believe myself perfectly capable of holding my own in the event I do get into one. Which is one reason I don’t like moderators butting in when I happen to have a disagreement with another individual. I’m not gonna flame someone or use vile language in defending my point-of-view but can, and will, defend it vigorously.

    The rosy view of some moderators that all is supposed to be sweetness and light on this forum, with never a dissenting view, is totally at odds with the real world, IMO. Now, if you disagree with my POV, then go ahead and ban me because like I said, I don’t wanna participate in a forum that places unreasonable restrictions on free speech and thought. (Believe it or not, I was kicked off a forum for calling another individual a puerile (childish) adolescent. The moderator said that was a personal insult. All I can say is, if he thought that was an insult, he hasn’t heard me when I really insult someone.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: )

    I commend a person for standing up and taking a stand as I am sure the Duke and all his fans would as well.

    Amen, Todd.

    I've received considerable criticism and censure from the moderators for saying things that upset other people but that's just the way I am. (And as our hero was, by golly.) I say what I mean and mean what I say. This is, after all, a country where free speech is even codified in our Constitution. If it ever comes to the point on this board that free speech is NOT acceptable, then I don't want to be a participant anyway.