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    Hi all,

    I'm sorry that itdo feels that he can't continue
    to contribute to this great site. Although there
    may be things that are written from time to time
    that we all don't agree with, I certainly wouldn't
    want any threads or posts censored because
    they are not seen as politcally correct. I hope
    that anyone coming across this site for the first
    time sees a fun place where no one takes
    themselves to serious,

    Good luck Itdo, I hope you make it back this
    way sometime.

    As you guys say now summer is here, we all tend to spend more time out of doors.
    my good wife was just saying to me this morning.

    "Are you going to sit in front of that thing all day?"

    So after making it to 100 posts, I think it will be some time before I can make it to 200.

    As for RINGO, I hope everything is OK, and he's back soon.