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    Hi Jim, Sue, Bill said it all for me too. I just lost a longtime friend "Sarge" and am still really down because of it.

    Take care-_Carl.

    Same here, you were in my thoughts but I have several friends who have been gravely sick too--and I spend loads of time trying to viist them or write or call and things pass me bye and is easy for me to miss out on alot of things.

    Whew, Hi Jay, glad things are working now ;-)0 I think I just remembered that I was supposed to call you as well, but forgot :rolleyes: I don't know if its due to my meds or whats going on? ;-))

    Anyway, im glad things are working there. I would have been on earlier today but we had thunderstorms breezing through from mid morning through about 6 PM.

    Take care Jay, and glad to see yous able to get here again.

    Yours in Houston (but hopefully not in Houston more than another six months)--Carl.

    Thanks for the concern Carl. I'm alive and doing well. You have my number and we do need to talk. I haven't heard from you in a few weeks. Like Hondo said, life does get in the way. My job has changed quite a bit and I haven't been able to keep in touch like I want to. My job is wide open right now and I have 3 boys playing on 3 different baseball teams right now not to mention that school is still kicking me in the exhaust right now. I'll try to do better at keeping in touch. Until then I still remain GT!

    Heh heh, quite a busy Daddio :box::pizza::frusty::shibby::wink_smile: - and such ;-)) Looking forward to a call-just let me know when it's easier for ya-I have no schedule right now-so anytime is good for em.

    Me-about all I do these days-is to exercise and to do research. Soon as I can figure out how to load a store bought game into this computer-ill be stuck whipping them Yankees at Gettysburg and Cold Mountain and the Wilderness Campaigns ;-)) Last time i played this game-was about 8 years ago-and I made then Yankees all surrender-or die-at Gettysburg ;-))

    Does anyone have any new info on them? Also, I lost Veras address and if anyone has it-I would greatly appreciate in getting it. I NEED to send her something as soon as possible.

    Thanks and best regards--Carl.

    Hi Jay, Keitth,

    Sorry I could not be here. I was indeed on another site a few days ago because I couldn't get this site to come up on the libraries computers. I tried this site first because I wanted to post for you before going over to "the Dark Site." BTW, im thinking of quitting that site as a matter of fact. This site is far better and easier to be a member on.

    Im limited this morning to time but will be at the library this afternoon and will try to get the DW site to come on.

    Take care and best regards-Carl.

    PS, I know Princess Cindy is pretty busy at her new home and GT is busy with schooling and also being a dad.

    PS, I have a brand spanking new-Grand Nephew-as of early lasy friday morning ;-))

    Hi E.J, nope but, I just gor some news from Cindy (Cindyrella)

    Cindy sent me an email and wanted me to tell everyone hello for her---including GT ;-))

    Cindy is still in Utah, and does not know when she will come back here. Also, with this contact, means she does now have internet service. ;-))

    Colorado, HDL, glad to see you all here again. I was afraid you all had won a State Lottery or something and decided that we "peons" just did not deserve your attention any longer ;-D Glad to see I was wrong again and guess i'll have to call you up more than once in awhile :D

    Just wondering... Anyone heard from Chance lately?

    I heard from him about a week or so ago (email) but was nothing to do with the forums. Graham was nice enough to email me a copy of his Lone Ranger painting. Im hoping to save some money up to buy it from him if it is not sold by then?