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    Well, The Mrs. and I might be considered a couple of larger guns and we have just came back after several hectic months with Sue's Mom being sick, then passing away, our computers deciding to tweak with us in several different ways, and last but not least, Chester learning how to be a bachelor all over again during Sue's six week absence . ( I know, wah, wah, wah! ) But we are back, and hope to stay this way!

    Different folks have different reasons for departing, some longer than others. If they make it back, we're happy!

    Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:

    Well . . . there are some folks who post very little, but visit and read all the time, and I'd hate to remove someone like that. At least one person has been a member since 2003 and probably has less than 20 posts (might have over 10), yet is a very frequent visitor.

    HOWEVER, I personally would have no objection to removing from the list someone who joined, has never posted, and never came back after the first visit. It may be someone who joined merely to find an answer, found it, and had no need to come back. There are quite a few like that.

    HOWEVER, Kevin, our illustrious admin and (self-described) mop :MOP: boy, is the only one who has the 'power' to make those changes.

    "Just" a moderator :))):,

    Chester :newyear:

    Its sad to see how BIG we are, and yet so few are active regulars. It would be great to hear from some of these Vetrans of the Core! I know it would probably be a lot of work, but to bad a note can't go out to everyone like say: every six months saying,
    haven't herd from you in a while! drop us a line! just a thought.

    Actually, the site does send out such an email to members who haven't visited in some time (Kevin knows more of the details). I am friends with someone who is a member, who doesn't get on very often, who tells me about the emails, so that's really how I know.

    I've never gotten one :))): - I guess I've never been gone long enough :wink_smile:!

    I think, that unless the person has disabled it, you can also send an email - go to the person's personal profile and check contact info.

    Hondo really summed up the various scenarios perfectly.

    Chester :newyear:


    We HAVE been missing you, and we're so glad to hear that you are doing well! I hope this job move will simplify your life a little. In any case, we are always happy to see you, and hope we might even have an opportunity to visit in the chat room one of these days.

    Take it easy, and say "Howdy" to the 'little bloke' (who's not so little anymore, I'm sure :ohmy:; our 'little bloke' is taller than the Mrs. now . . . not that it's that hard to do . . . ).

    We look forward to seeing you again soon!

    Chester :newyear:

    We just got off the phone with Bill of PA. He's doing fine and wants you all to know he misses being here. He continues to have computer problems and hopes they will be resolved soon.

    Anyway, just wanted y'all to know!

    Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:

    Here we are a little over six months later, and I tried sending another email to Murray (aka kilo 6). This time, the email bounced back. That didn't happen back in June of last year, I just didn't hear back from him.

    Too bad . . . .

    Chester :newyear:

    We don't know any details yet, but we were pleasantly suprised this afternoon when we signed on and saw who but . . . kilo6 (aka Murray) had made a couple of posts!

    Welcome back, Murray!

    Chester :newyear:

    Did anyone ever find out what happened to kilo 6?

    Just wondering.

    Here we are a little over six months later, and I tried sending another email to Murray (aka kilo 6). This time, the email bounced back. That didn't happen back in June of last year, I just didn't hear back from him.

    Too bad . . . .

    Chester :newyear:

    I remember a time when if someone was missing for awhile, folks got concerned and started looking for em. Kinda like a family does. I sure hope that spirit of family isn't lost here on the board. I personally think that's what makes this the best board on the web.
    Best to all my friends and family here on the best board on the web,
    Colorado Bob

    AMEN, Bob, amen! I couldn't have said it better myself!

    It sure was good to see Hondo and smokey recently! smokey, best of luck on your final exams - we look forward to hanging out with you again, soon!

    It's been good to see Saddle Tramp posting again, too.

    Chester :newyear:

    350 members inactive out of a possible 887 does not bode good for the board. It seems very strange that when members of the board are contacted they do return with a few brief posts and then disappear again, is there a reason for this?


    Just from general observation over the past couple of years, I would have to say that less than half of the members inactive is not necessarily reason for concern. Some people join in order to access the search feature, which I believe is not available to unregistered guests. Some have one question, and when that is answered, they have no reason to return. Some folks realize that as much as they love hanging out here, they may not have the time to do that and take care of the rest of their lives, especially if they work full time or are full time students, or have families that need time and attention. If you see us drifting off at times, it's not lack of interest, but the demands of life outside the computer.

    As to your thoughts on the moderators who seem inactive, I think it best for Kevin to respond to that, as he is the owner/administrator of the message board. Personally, I don't see what difference it makes, as long as the board is being moderated sufficiently, that some are less active. BTW, has anyone heard from Keith? He's been gone for awhile recently - we hope everything is OK.

    Dakota Surfer, can you tell us more about a "shout box"? I haven't heard of that before, but it sounds interesting.

    Chester :newyear:


    Wow, that is some story you shared!! We're glad to have you back in the fold, and sorry to hear of so many troubles, but happy you've made it through this far.

    Thanks for filling us in, and welcome back!!

    Chester :newyear: and the Mrs. :angel1:

    I was going to respond to this thread yesterday, before anyone else had started to discuss the moderating and guidelines, but then I realized that there was something wrong here. Itdo had his reasons for leaving this message board and it seems pretty clear to me that he had no intentions of making a fuss about this. He didn't like the attitude/opinions of some people here so he chose not to post. He is then contacted by a PM, which he replies to and the answer is then posted publicly, which I feel is wrong. I sent a PM to Chester yesterday, but he has not responded to it so I am now pointing this out here. If Chester asked itdo's permission to use this answer then it is okay, but since he has not replied I can't know if he has. Wether things should be moderated or not is a question I will not go too much into, but if you read what itdo says it is people who post things without any foundation that annoys him. Personal attacks against members of the Wayne family might be considered slander and if so it would be illegal regardless of having freedom of speech.

    I know that the answer was posted with the best of intentions, but I still feel it is very wrong. PM's are personal. I am sure that itdo is quite capable of speaking for himself and that he would have done so if this is what he wanted.

    Popol Vuh


    First of all, I would like to apologize to you for not responding to your PM, which I had read, but hadn't had time to answer. I appreciate your thoughtful comments. Regarding itdo's communication with me, it wasn't a PM, but an email (not that it makes much difference as far as seeking his permission to share here - I confess, I did not ask permission, and perhaps I should have; in the instance of the other two notes I shared, they were of a much more general nature, and I don't think the authors would mind that I shared their response to me. In the case of itdo, there was more detail and perhaps I should not have posted it all, and if I "spoke" out of turn, then I apologize to Roland, in case he is reading all of this as a guest). It was not my intent to unnecessarily disclose anything of a private nature.

    Now, to all -
    Many have asked over the past couple of years about what happened to Roland, and I have been at a loss as to how to explain it to folks (though I have been aware of his feelings that whole time). I have received other letters of a similar nature from him, expressing basically the same things, after I have contacted him and encouraged his return to the board, in a friendly, non-pressured manner. It seemed that his own words might convey his reasons for leaving, much better than anything I could have typed. I don't know if anyone else has asked Roland why he left; if so, no one else has seen fit to share it here, though several have asked.

    Though Roland's English skills are excellent, he admits it is not his native tongue (quite a surprise to me!). It is possible that a few things are simply misunderstandings (for example, I don't think anyone intends to literally wrestle a member of the Wayne family to the ground to get an answer about something, that is only an idiom). However, as others have mentioned, I also think that there is somewhat of a different mindset between Europeans and Americans with regard to censorship.

    In a previous communication with itdo, I mentioned that freedom of speech was far more important than censorship of the board (I'm sure there are some who might be surprised by that :wink_smile:). By the same token, as a moderator, I'm always trying to keep things on an even keel. I have been accused of both moderating too much and moderating too little. It's a fine line we moderators walk . . . .

    Arthur and ejgreen, thank you both for your excellent posts. I didn't mean for all you folks to wear out your keyboards on this topic, but I do appreciate the comments and thoughts you have shared here.

    As far as gaining the support of the Wayne family and/or Wayne Enterprises - we have tried many times, and not even gotten the courtesy of a response. If there is a better forum regarding John Wayne anywhere around, we have yet to find it, and believe me, we have looked. This message board might just be a little too "wild and wooly" for them to officially endorse, but I also think one that was mild and bland, without any critical thought, might be so boring that no one would hang out there :dead:.

    So . . . just to allay any fears of being quoted without permission, I promise you all I will be more judicious in the future and ask permission first.

    Chester :newyear: