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    Hi All

    Not much to say here as it has been pretty much covered.

    Also, all sites once established tend to have 5% to 10% active membership at any time. The only thing as members that we can do is make this web site interesting and inviting with a wide range of threads and posts.

    Moderators, I have found come in three kinds micro manage, do nothing and macro manage.

    The 1st category are everywhere all the time and tend to cause the most conflict , The second category set a site up then get bored or find they havent the time so you can guess what happens. The third category tend to
    develop the site and move it in the direction of the interest of members.

    They are there but not there if you get my gist. A bit like a navigator who takes the wheel when required or a builder who sees a development need.

    In regards to moderation of this site I think it is pretty well managed and I havent had any experiences that cause concerns or gripes. Trust me you don't want to be a moderator I have been there and its a treat to be a member. Mind you on this forum the members are very well behaved!!

    I know of a forum which is a bit like Bates Motel once you join you never leave although a number of members have definitely passed on and will have great trouble posting.

    In regard, to members death, expulsion or a determined period of inactivity should be the factors for culling members. I know a lot of members of forums who rarely post for a variety of reasons but are frequent vistors to those sites to cancel their membership would send out the wrong signals.


    Have to agree with the recent posts. Everyone has different opinions and beliefs and I think they have the right to express them freely without risk of censorship.

    As Emmanuel says there have been times when I have read certain posts in threads and not agreed with them but I respect the rights of those members to express themselves and have found the best way to remedy that situation is to post a thread or add a post on a different subject relating to John Wayne.

    I honestly think this is the BEST John Wayne site for fans with all credit to Kevin and the Moderating Team and ALL the Members.

    Why the John Wayne family will not facilitate this site by officially linking into it is I believe their loss.

    I dont think any of The Wayne Family are that sensitive to criticism and I think any gripes I have read are more about the delay certain releases not being available on DVD or the fact that the website hasnt got up and running legitimate concerns for any fan base.

    Anyway Arthur Jane Fonda !!! Barbarella!!! you old devil you LOL.

    I can understand were you are coming from I dont think I managed to watch all of Barbararella but certain elements were "Very Interesting"!!

    I read in a recent book that John Wayne attended her Oscar win party so he was big enough to accept people of different views and opinions.


    I think members should give thought