Posts from Tbone in thread „Concern For Missing Members“

    Though I'm coming a bit late to the discussion, I'd like to share a couple of thoughts regarding the topic.

    First of all Ethan, I'm sorry to hear of the crosses you have been carrying of late and I'm glad to see you back with us. I think Ethan's situation serves to help us realize that as much as we all enjoy this board, there are times when life situations prevent our participation. I appreciate the general approach towards inactive members the moderators have taken in allowing them to still stay on. We are about honoring the Duke here and I think one of his greatest qualities was the ability to reach people where ever they happened to be in life. We need to foster that virtue on the board and not be snooty about participation being the deciding point of whether a member can stay on or not.

    Second, the moderators on this board do the best job of any I've ever seen. They walk a fine line between ensuring an environment of open discourse and respectful tone and they do a great job of it overall. It's a thankless job and I appreciate their efforts!

    That said, we need to retain the ability to have open, frank and respectful discussions. This was a hallmark of John Wayne and needs to continue to be a hallmark of this board.

    We also need to remember that although the Duke didn't agree with many, perhaps most, of the political and ideological views of those he had to work with, he was still a gentleman towards them, unless they were just genuine horses asses in which case all bets were off.

    Honest candor tempored with civility served the Duke well in his life and will get us far as a board that continues to honor his memory.

    Just my thoughts...