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    I asked her back, last time and she came back
    spending hours on researching Duke's early appearances.
    She by doing so, has re-written the history,
    and proved that Duke was seen in a movie,
    before the ones we knew about.
    Sadly she has now gone again!

    That's too bad, surely if she was right we could have proved or dis-proved it beyond doubt.

    What about going back to my proposal of removing all members who haven't been active within the last year who has less than 10 posts?

    I wanted to post a reply to this topic days ago although due to work etc I have not had the time.


    I think you missed the point that I was trying to make in an earlier post regarding inactive members. I was referring to members who haven't posted at all, therefore I believe that if a person joins this messageboard and after two months of being a member they still haven't posted I believe that their membership should be removed.

    You highlighted the scenario of 'A girl named Jen', I never for a moment suggested deleting the account of someone who has racked up 200+ posts, and while its disappointing that she rarely posts anymore I still believe her membership status of this board should remain.

    Regarding inactive moderators I understand the point you are making but it is a bad reflection of the board if these members don't contribute and or have left the board. I know Reasr has popped up within the last couple of days after a long absent with a three word post, I however deem this as completely unsatisfactory.

    Maybe it would be more appropriate due to the work they have done setting up the board to remove their moderating responsibilities and to grant them special membership such as 'Founding Member' or 'Honourary Member'.

    I hope this post has presented my points of view a little better than my earlier post did.



    [FONT=&quot]I feel to an extent that you have missed the point that I was trying to make.

    Beyond argument the board is well moderated and this is not in dispute. However moderators are supposed to set some sort of an example and when there is a situation when one third of the moderators on a messageboard who have made minimal contributions to the board as a whole and have all but left the board over the past number of years, I believe that this sets a poor example. I am particularly bewildered as to why these two were ever made moderators as they have certainly never (at least to my knowledge) carried out any moderating duties.

    In addition to this I feel that another cull would be in order to erase all members of the board who have been registered for two months or more and have not made any posts, this would free up user names and give a truer reflection as to how many members actually exist on this board.

    Above are some of the simple things on this board that need to be sorted out before future suggestions are considered and implemented.

    Regarding Keith I think he's probably taking a well-deserved break from the board as setting up a page for each of John Wayne’s movies must have been an exhausting task.[/FONT]


    Just doing some browsing, boredom I guess, out of our 887 members, about 350 have been inactive for over 2 years, at least none of those are moderators. If we were to purge those members, is it possible to get a shoutbox on the main page or could that be done without purging? I use them elsewhere and thought it might be nice if a few people are online at the same time they could say HI in a shoutbox. Just an idea...

    This could be more of a suggestion so move if necessary. What do you all think?

    350 members inactive out of a possible 887 does not bode good for the board. It seems very strange that when members of the board are contacted they do return with a few brief posts and then disappear again, is there a reason for this?

    I still believe that inactive moderators is an issue that needs to be dealt with. It looks very bad for the board when 2 out of its 6 moderators have all but left the board with out ever making much of a contribution particulary Liberty V who has a whopping 30 posts and has not been on the messageboard for some years. I know if I was an onlooker and realised that one third of the moderators have not partisicpated on the board for several years, I would be of the opinion that the board was dead in the water. I have never heard any explanation either as to why these two moderators have left the board, if there is a valid reason that could be classified as extenuating circumstances otherwise I believe their positions as moderators has run its course.


    Hi Kevin

    I agree with you in general but I do feel that this topic has raised some rather important issues that should be addressed.

    1. I do believe that Roland was correct and that the board does need to review its treatment of the John Wayne family. Although I do believe that constructive criticism is good I do feel that all the facts are not always given on the board therefore maybe its time to readdress the balance.

    2. Inactive moderators, I personally feel that its unfair that 'Reasr' and 'LibertyV' are classed as moderators while contributing nothing to the board when all other moderators have made huge contributions to the board both via moderating duties and via posts. Is it not time that these two members were replaced are simply relieved of their duties?


    Hi Jim you could be right.

    With regards to this topic its now over to the moderators for them to address the concerns etc that have been raised by several members of the board and to take whatever action they deem appropriate.


    This is certainly one of the most interesting topics on this board for quite some time and one of the most engrossing.

    I had contacted Roland about 7-8 months ago regarding why he had left the board so I was aware of his reasons for leaving although he did hint that he may return in the future.

    There are so many issues to address in relation to this issue that I don't quite know where to begin and while I like Roland and thought his posts were quite good I don't think he's exactly covered himself in glory on this issue.

    Chester pointed out in an earlier post that one of his reasons for leaving was because he felt that the level of discussions on this board were not of a high enough standard for him to be associated with. As a member of this board I found this comment both disappointing and downright condescending.

    In addition to this he claims he has issues with some of the content on this site primarily an isolated topic on 'Brokeback Mountain' which took place long after he left, while I didn't take part in this discussion I felt that if people didn't like the movie they had a right to express their view.

    His final reason for leaving the board was due to the treatment of the John Wayne family and on this area I do agree with Roland. There has been a lot of negative comments written on this board regarding the family which have generally been unbalanced and unfair and perhaps this is something the moderators should review. I understand the family from a John Wayne fan standpoint have not exactly been very proactive by not replying to emails and by delaying the releases of his movies but when respected authors of books etc praise the family then maybe collectively as a board we are missing something.

    Misinformation is always going to be a problem on messageboards and I know Roland and myself (as do many others on this board) again agreed on this issue that there were not enough facts regarding John Wayne and his movies. Facts and substance have too often been substituted with inaccuracies or general unsubstantiated stories which do nothing for the credibility of the board or John Wayne.

    Despite having some disagreements with the moderators on this board on a number of occasions I feel that they do a good and thankless job. I do have some gripes with the moderators however my main one being the two completely inactive moderators namely Reasr and LibertyV. Is is not time that either there was a reduced number of moderators or these two moderators were replaced with members who actually bother to participate to the board. Its a little strange that two members who are rarely and in LibertyV's case never on the board to hold such a position, if there is a reason for their absence that I am unaware of then I do apologise otherwise their positions are moderators has become unattainable. Incidentally its not good enough for either of these members to simply reply to this post and state that they are still active, what is needed is continual long term contributions from these people.

    Regarding politics being discussed on this board I personally have no problem with it provided people with opposing views do not start insulting each other. Stumpy has appropriately moved most political discussions to the politics thread which I feel is a good idea. I think most of what has been said on that thread is perfectly acceptable within an open forum however I do have one issue. Most of the threads are from a conservative perspective, I posted a comment on this thread asking if there were any non Republicans who wished to post within this thread as I remember members on this board from the past claiming to be democrats. I was disappointed to be told that this was an inappropriate question to ask and that next I would be asking what religion people were. One of the reasons I asked the question was to try and ensure non Republicans did not feel isolated or that the ‘Politics’ thread was a no go area and I’m sure most of the main contributors to this topic such as Stumpy would have no problem debating with democrats etc. I felt the response to my comment represented a discomfort within the board, indicating that if a non conservative joined in the discussion the would be ostracised, debates would get heated and nasty and the board would degenerate into complete chaos. I think that this is completely unfair and I believe from my experience on the board that most members are mature and intelligent enough to accept people with different personal and political perspectives.

    With regards to Arthur’s post I am in general disagreement with much of the general content on it. I do believe that there is a place on this board for discussions on past conflicts such as the second world war. If we are to stay away from such discussions on this board then we are in danger of loosing grasp of reality and the board is in danger of being deemed as irrelevant and dull. I would be offended if comments were banned relating to current or ex service personnel and their experiences of the military.

    I like Roland have had difficulties with the board in the past but I have tried to resolve them, Roland has made to effort what so ever to inform the board as to why he left. His last post gave no indication that he was having problems with the board and it seems that he has ‘thrown the toys out off the pram’ on this issue. He has refused to accept that this is the largest online site relating to John Wayne, he refuses to give the board any credit for the way it has evolved, he has dismissed the comments from members of the board to be of an insufficient intellect, and he is quite adamant that he wont return. I would like Roland to return to the board as I believe that he has left a void that has never quite been filled, however I wont beg him to come back and maybe its time to draw a line under Roland and other members who have left the board and move on.


    Hi Keith

    You are correct, Bob has been quite a consistent poster on this board since he joined and he did indeed post a message yesterday.

    Anyone heard anything from Graham aka Chance?.


    Hi All

    Still no sign of Graham aka Chance who has not visited the board since the end of November. I do realise that people are free to come and go of their own accord but Graham had undertaken a painting of certian members of the messageboard which was due for completion around Christmas time.

    I wonder did he loose interest in the painting and then decide that he couldn't return to the messageboard, I hope this isnt the case.

    Has anyone received any replies from emails sent to missing board members?



    Didn't realise you have been away. Only Jokeing of course I've missed you, good luck with your course.

    Incidentally whats happened Mike aka HondoDukeLane, he's only posted a few times since April, has he just lost interest with the board?