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    I know it's purt' near impossible to have a reunion or meeting with everyone here, but ya know, it sure would be nice to meet some of you folks. I know I'd really like to meet Kevin, and Stumpy, Hondo, Ethan, Ringo, Mr. and Mrs. Chester, Senta, Baby Sis, and a bunch of others. Especially Mr. William T. "Chili Bill" Brooks. I just love his web site. Next to here, it's the best place to get info on John Wayne. I could (and do) spend hours there.
    Colorado Bob

    It would be nice to meet a few of you... at least some one us may meet in Winterset and Chester may meet some at his celebration out west. To get people together would be nearly impossible. I do remember back in the day when the Internet's main chat room was a place call WBS Chat. Many different rooms like thirtysomething, plolice, military, etc. I met my wife in Thirtysomething chat. The same group set up a party in Vegas and had a pretty good turnout. I had a business to run but some of them flew from both coasts. But it's a nice idea Bob.

    Hey Guys don't remove me. I have been busy. I had my legs waxed! I got married and divorced before I became a widower! I thought about a sex change but change my mind and had my cat done that way. Couldn't tell the time so I miss the great chat time here at the board, oh, that was somewhere else.......Did I miss the Duke's birthday?

    Cheers Hondo Duke Lane :cool:

    Sounds like Michael Jackson's diary... rotflmao

    A shoutbox would be awesome... as far as the BT site, don't mean to sound all CIA but it's a closed private invite only site and it's against our rules to even mention it's name in another forum of any kind. Even our url is private. Others that I can mention that I am active on are BitMeTV (Uploader) and TL (VIP). Plus a couple others that are also closed & private. BitMeTV is the one that I have created several category icons for.

    I do most of my supervising late night. If you check you'll see me on here real late. I''m usually elsewhere checking PM's, answering questions and so on. Back when I was just a Mod I was too busy to do anything else but now that I just supervise I have more time. But with my disability, things I have planned, I have trained my successor and am stepping down next month. These late nights are too much anymore. I've been doing BT for more than 3 years. Enough is enough... now I just have fun!

    Moderating on a forum of this caliber is not as tasking as moderating on a BT site of 40,000 - 50,000 members, believe me. About 5% of our members are active in the forums and are always asking about problems with BT software, router/modem problems, firewalls, rar'd files and so many other things. I've love moderating on a forum like this, I'd probably be able to sleep easier at night.

    Right now I'm a forum moderator supervisor so it's not that bad, my title is an Administrator and all I have to do is keep the other Mods happy and make sure they know what to tell the members. But I'm about to give up that job with everything I have planned this summer I just don't have the time.

    Moderating here would be fun but I do feel a Moderator should be active, informative and help as much as possible. Kevin has to have a reason for keeping inactive moderators, he owns the site, the option is his. Personally I do feel though that to look good to new members the less inactive members we have the better. Especially if we're trying to gain any kind of status with certain people or companies that may be prospective sponsors.

    I am glad to be a member and will be here for a long time no matter what.

    I only brought up the purging in case there was interest in a shoutbox and space was needed on the server to implement it. I never see anyone in the chat room and a shoutbox is more easily accessible and viewable. Just a thought...

    I'm on a lot of different boards and most of them need moderators... this one seems to run along pretty well by itself. We don't have a bunch of young unruly teenagers getting nasty so except for the occasional wrong post placement this board seems to be fairly disciplined. Although if you do have Mods that have been gone that long they should be retired.

    I used to moderate a board for some 28,000 members where 5% of them were active. That's pretty normal for BT site boards. Maybe we need a purging and a membership drive? :ohmy:

    In answer to your question chester... a shoutbox is sort of a real time messaging area. You can post and it will simultaniously be shown in the shout box. People use them to chat, ask questions or just say Hi...

    It's like going to a chat room like IRC or MSN without leaving the forum. Pretty decent tool and is used on a lot of sites.

    Damn Ethan... 5 deer and you hit 3. The odds were certainly not in your favor that day. Being from South Dakota and now in West Central Illinois I've hit a few deer in my life along with some ring-neck pheasants and various predators. Just glad your around for the big event next month. We'll post plenty of photos for ya in case you can't come.

    Sorry to say though that my doctor makes a bundle off me and my insurance every year. But that's the price of getting old. Maybe some satisfaction in that they have to write these big fat checks for malpractice insurance every month. I think my doctor told me once he pays over $200,000 a year for his.

    Stay well and welcome back.

    Just doing some browsing, boredom I guess, out of our 887 members, about 350 have been inactive for over 2 years, at least none of those are moderators. If we were to purge those members, is it possible to get a shoutbox on the main page or could that be done without purging? I use them elsewhere and thought it might be nice if a few people are online at the same time they could say HI in a shoutbox. Just an idea...

    This could be more of a suggestion so move if necessary. What do you all think?

    For those of you that have access to send like a mass email, maybe you could send an informative email to missing members telling them about upcoming events and that some of us are probably going to be gathering, lets say at Winterset during the celebration and that details can be found on the forum. It could be an incentive to come back and visit.

    I just don't have the time to do one to everyone but maybe staff could do a mass email. I stay pretty busy on p2p sites.