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    Just saw The Quiet Man will be released on Blu-ray on January 22, 2013. Here is the Info on this movie and yes I am excited for the finally release date for this movie. And there is more on the process that will maybe excite you on this release of this movie.


    Newly re-mastered in HD from a 4K SCAN of the ORIGINAL NEGATIVE. John Ford's The Quiet Man celebrates one of Hollywood's most romantic and enduring epics. The first American feature to be filmed in Ireland's picturesque countryside. Ford richly imbued this masterpiece with his love of Ireland and its people. Sean Thornton (John Wayne) in an American boxer who swears off fighting after he accidentally kills an opponent in the ring. Returning to the Irish town of his youth, he purchases the home of his birth and finds happiness when he falls in love with the fiery Mary Kate (Maureen O'Hara). But her insistence that Sean conduct his courtship in a proper Irish manner with matchmaker Barry Fitzgerald along for the ride as "chaperone" is but one obstacle to their future happiness: the other is her brother (Victor McLaglen), who spitefully refuses to give his consent to their marriage, or to honor the tradition of paying a dowry to the husband. Sean could care less about dowries, he would've punched out the bullying McLaglen long ago if he hadn't sworn off fighting. But when Mary Kate accuses him of being a coward and walks out on him, Sean is finally ready to take matters into his own hands, the resulting fistfight erupts into the longest brawl ever filmed, followed by one of the most memorable reconciliations in movie history! The Quiet Man won a total of two Academy Awardsr including Best Director (Ford) and Best Cinematography and received five more nomination including Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (McLaglen).

    Is this a good thing? Very excited. It is also coming out on DVD.

    Can somebody exsplain to me what they mean by Combo? Does this mean there is a blue ray disc and a regular format disc inside? Or do you bottom line have to have a blue ray machine? ( i'm referring to the Barbarian and the Geisha DVD at Walmarts.)

    In reference to The Barbarian and the Geisha the combo is two discs, one blu-ray, the other disc is the DVD. As for the format, it really depends on what they include on the discs.

    I think it's really cool of them to have both. I have a sister in-law who loves movies and does not have or want a blu-ray player. And I can have that version to watch myself.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo

    Thanks for sharing Hondo,

    I've ordered The Big Trail also, had to pay through the nose as Walmart doesn't ship internationally. One of the downsides of being on the other side of the pond!
    Hondo is the release I'm really looking forward to.


    Agreed with that. Looking forward to the release of my namesake.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo

    I have been enjoying the BluRay movies out and have expecially enjoyed the ones that have Duke in it. So far we can see John Wayne in The Searchers, Rio Bravo, True Grit, The Commancheros, The Green Berets, Rio Lobo, Big Jake, The Horse Soldiers, How the West was Won, The Longest Day, and Stagecoach (movies released in the US).

    Here is my question; If you could pick one movie that you would like to see on BluRay starring John Wayne, what would it be?

    And what five movies would you like to see out on BluRay with the Duke in it?

    I'll start out by saying that the one movie I'd like to see on BluRay with Duke would be The Quiet Man. And the other four movies would be (no particular order), Red River, The Man who Shot Liberty Valance, McLintock!, and The High & The Mighty.

    What are yours?

    Cheers :cool: Hondo Duke Lane

    According to my list of movies that John Wayne made from 1939 and on that are not out on DVD/Blu-Ray in the Region 1 are:
    (Theatrical Release Date)
    1. Wheel of Fortune (3/14/1941)
    2. Lady from Louisiana (4/22/1941)
    3. Lady for a Night (12/29/1941)
    4. War of the Wildcats (10/25/1943)
    5. I Married a Woman (5/23/1958) cameo appearance
    6. The Barbarian and the Geisha (9/30/1958)
    7. Circus World (6/24/1964)

    Can anyone confirm that these titles are not released yet? I actually have all the others.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo


    These are movies in Region 1. I'm not sure what is your region, and what movies are released. But I will be glad to see about it. What region are you in?

    Cheers :cool: Hondo

    That's great Todd. It would be great to see that movie released in its complete from.

    Is there any other news of other Duke movies being released? These are the movies that have not been released prior to 1939.

    Wheel Of Fortune
    Lady From Louisiana
    Lady For A Night
    War Of The Wildcats
    The Barbarian And The Geisha
    Circus World
    I Married A Woman (a cameo appearance)

    I will have all of the movies when these are released.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo

    Got my movies yesterday, and they are great. Haven't seen all of them, but what I have seen will be a great set. Sorry that a lot of you didn't get on the $29.95 special value. Let's keep in touch on the special deals and not miss out again.

    Cheers B)

    What are you talking about, Chester? I ordered my DVD from DeepDiscountDVD and payed $29.95 for the box set and not pay any shipping. The only problem is that I haven't gotton the movies yet. I recieved an e-mail confirmation on Tuesday that the movie has been shipped, so I should get it by the weekend if not before.

    I haven't seen anything beat that price.

    Cheers B)