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    Originally posted by RoughRider@Nov 9 2006, 12:29 PM

    It sounds like these are the same films colorized in 1990 by Color Systems Technology and released on home video under their original titles, later with different titles under The Young Duke banner.

    I have several of these, and whilst the colour versions
    are interesting, they're also pretty lousy.
    They appear to use the same print,
    and some of the original sound track, and some from the
    Second Sight releases
    The worst thing however is Duke's voice,
    what an earth have they done to it,
    badly dubbed or what!!
    How they can get Duke to sound like that,
    when Yakima Canutt and the others sound normal,
    baffles me!!!


    This stunt has been pulled before,
    and it just comes across as a scam.
    Unknowing fans will be purchasing these 'new' titles,
    unaware, that they probably have them in their collections,

    From the runtime, it looks highly likely
    that they are Lone Star re-works.