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    The three James Dean movies are already available in a Blu-ray box set (James Dean Ultimate Collector's Edition) and as individual Blu-rays. Not sure what March 11 is all about.

    I don't know, Paula. I thought I remember seeing on that they were coming out around this time. Now that same site says March 11th.

    More John Wayne forthcoming on Blu-ray (plus a little Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster)... :)

    Even though they're not John Wayne movies, also being released on Blu-ray on March 11th will be, Rebel Without A Cause, Giant, and East Of Eden, all James Dean movies. Also Samson & Delilah, which should look pretty spectacular on the Blu-ray format.

    In reference to The Barbarian and the Geisha the combo is two discs, one blu-ray, the other disc is the DVD. As for the format, it really depends on what they include on the discs.

    I think it's really cool of them to have both. I have a sister in-law who loves movies and does not have or want a blu-ray player. And I can have that version to watch myself.

    Cheers :cool: Hondo

    Same here, Hondo. I have 2 Blu-ray players and 2 DVD players. So it comes in handy when there's both formats in one package. Or if one of my kids wants to borrow a movie that just came out, but they don't have Blu-ray, so they can still see it in the DVD format. And I try to always buy the combo pks just for that purpose.

    I saw The Horse Soldiers Blu-ray at Walmart for an even $10. I thought about getting it but, decided to wait. I ended up going to Best Buy and getting The Comancheros instead. It was $24.99 and the packaging opens like a book, has two lobby cards in it and a few page book that tells about the movie and the main actors. It's a single disc with quite a few extras including a couple of docs. All in all, it looks like a hard cover book like the ones kids used to get. Haven't watched it yet, though, so I don't know how it looks on screen.

    Found these on A few movies hitting the Blu-ray format next month and June.

    Once Upon A time In The West- May 3rd
    The Horse Soldiers- May 10th
    The Comancheros- May 17th
    Big Jake- May 31st
    The Outlaw Josey Wales- June 7th.

    Fellas, you can get a DVD copy of The Alamo Directors Cut. If you check E-bay, you can get one from Singapore for about $6. I got one a couple of years ago and the picture quality is quite good and it's done in Dolby surround. The cover art is nothing to write home about and there are no extras on it and you have to flip it to watch the whole film. they don't even have the entrance, intermission and, exit music but, like I said, picture is quite good and it's better than no DVD version at all. Also, I've got a DVD recorder and I've tried to copy my VHS copy onto a DVD and it worked. I only did a few minutes on a DVD Ram and there were no glitches from any copy guard that might be on it. The only thing is, to get everything on there, you have to use maybe three discs. that is if you want the best picture quality you can have. A DVD recorder is like a vcr, you have the different speeds at 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours and 8 hours. The 1 hour is the best picture quality, 2 hour is excellent and probably the best way to go, the 4 hour is still pretty good and 8 hour would be ok. If some enterprising young lad wanted to, he could make a good DVD copy using 2 discs for the movie and 1 disc for the documentary. I might even try it myself.