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    Unfortunately The Quiet Man is not currently scheduled for a Blu-ray release. :(

    I believe it would need restoration. The elements exist. It's only a matter of money and time.

    It needs a lot of restoration as I don't think it was graded properly by Republic when it was first released and any subsequent releases on film, video or DVD have not been without their faults.

    It would be great if someone or an organisation took the task on as it would be a shame to lose this classic to future generations.

    I believe that The Quiet Man was the best selling video in the UK when it was first released so a restored DVD release could be a money winner.

    Here is another JW DVD release that some people might be interested in, more for the documentaries instead of the movie(McLintock!), which most of us already have anyways.

    Synergy Entertainment will be releasing John Wayne: Bigger Than Life on January 25th. The three-disc set includes the western comedy McLintock! (1963) and three documentaries: Bigger Than Life (1990), covering the legend's life and films; The American West of John Ford (1971), highlighting the career and western films of acclaimed director John Ford, including interviews with Wayne and other colleagues; and No Substitute for Victory (1970), hosted by Wayne, about the communist threat and its zenith in Vietnam. Extras are rare TV appearances by Wayne on Art Linkletter's People Are Funny (1958); The Colgate Comedy Hour (October 11, 1953); Wide Wide World (1958) in a segment called "The Western"; and The Lucy Show (1966), in which Wayne plays himself as Lucy (Lucille Ball) is sent to deliver some papers pertaining to the financing of one of his latest productions

    Is there any link to Synergy?