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    I don't own any Twilight Times Blu-rays, but I've heard nothing but good thing about the label. They even postponed this release date because they wanted to work on the print some more.

    Yes, I noticed that as well. In fact, there's less special features than on the Extended Cut DVD. It's missing a featurette or two, good thing I won't part with my beloved DVD anyway.

    I'm not sure they've limited the amount to 2 per person. I checked by adding 3 in my basket and they let me.

    Anyway, I ordered 2 copies. Almost every order I put in with SAE arrive with a broken case (leading to inserts and such getting damaged) due to them sending their stuff in padded bags, except when I order three CD's or more. Doesn't matter if it's an expensive limited edition CD I'm buying, same kind of packaging material. Never bought a Blu-ray from SAE before so I got two just in case one arrives in poor shape. It's limited to 3000 copies, if I would have ordered only one and it arrived damaged, I may not had been able to get another since they may sell out.

    I see, thanks. Since you've ordered their Blu-rays before, would you mind telling me if they ship their movies with padded envelopes or do they use something sturdier?

    It's a good thing they've limited the amount to 2 per person, that should improve our chances of getting a copy. I'm sure Major Dundee will be a big seller due to the Peckinpah/Heston collaboration and the history of the making of this semi-classic. A must for movie-buffs.

    So, they don't have a pre-order option? Can you order the Twilight Time titles on Amazon as well, or just through ScreenArchives? I'm hoping Amazon is an option, because ScreenArchives usually send their stuff in padded envelopes, and this being a limited edition Blu-ray I'd prefer to have it packed a little better to ensure a safe arrival.

    Shouldn't this be available for pre-order soon, if it's supposed to have a April release date? We should also have gotten some artwork...

    I really hope they won't push it back or anything. My money is lined up for this!

    Thanks, that makes it a definite pre-order for me.

    I read about the upcoming Blu-ray on my Heston forum yesterday and am excited as well. I hope there's a lot of new extras besides the improved picture quality. I don't have a region free player at the moment (though I'm planning to get one), so I really hope it will play on European Blu-ray players, too.

    A somewhat underrated movie with a good cast, headed by Charlton Heston and Richard Harris, whose chemistry is perfect in the movie. Now that we have the extended cut, I feel it should get some more respect than it currently enjoys among fans and critics.

    It still amazes me that Heston gave away his salary to help the movie out. What a man.