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    Good point Grumpy and thanks for your continued input in this conversation.
    You made many good point, including this one

    How strange now, that no one did when they had the chance,
    after all they had up to some 50 odd years to do so, before Mr. Ebbit!!
    So why they so keen now, money, and what the cottage can bring them???

    I read another article today (unfortunately, I did not think to bookmark it! Now I have to find it again!), and in that article there was a quote from an Irish government official. In that quote, the official was saying something about the cottage is in Ireland, and therefore should be owned be a citizen of Ireland, someone who lives there, and not an American. I believe there was also talk about trying to find a way to simply take ownership of the cottage ruins. It will be very interesting to see where this all leads.

    I think that's the key thing. Mr. Ebbitt indicated to me that he has been approached with offers to buy the property from him over the years, but he doesn't want to sell it. He's not interested in leasing the land. He absolutely wants to retain ownership, but he also absolutely loves the movie and what that property represents, and would very much like to see the cottage restored. He has carefully researched many aspects of accurate restoration, down to the quarry where the original stones came from. I believe he wants to be very involved in the process of restoration, though he is not in a position financially at this time to do it himself. I also think he does not want to be 'bulldozed' by others regarding HIS property.

    I don't know how recent any contacts with him have been, but to read the current articles, you would think he is stonewalling everyone. I suspect the approaches to him may have been adversarial at this point and, like most of us, he doesn't care for that. Can't say I blame him!

    Chester :newyear:

    It's beginning to sound as if both sides want the same thing, the restoration of the cottage, but for different reasons. It sounds as if Mr. Ebbitt wants the cottage restored because he loves it, and it sounds as if the government wants the cottage restored because it will bring in tourism dollars. The question may then be, who will benefit financially from the restoration, and more importantly, who will be in charge of the cottage once it is restored? In other words, who will be calling the shots and making the decision as to how the cottage will be presented, how it will be handled, what kind of access tourists and other visitors will have, and who will manage it. Although I don't know for sure, but I would suspect the government would want Mr. Ebbitt to hand over all management of the cottage to them, and I suspect he does not want to do that.

    Very good points grumpy. Perhaps what is needed is a go-between, a liaison that could bring the two sides together to the benefit of both. Of course, I have no idea what the owner is thinking or what his plans are, nor do I have any idea that the ultimate goal of the Irish government is. Perhaps, as grumpy implies, the owners wishes and the governments ultimate goals may be worlds apart. I guess this will just have to be a wait and see situation.

    Thanks, I was able to get to the site, and join of course.

    I don't know why there seems to be problems with the other Facebook site, the Save the Quiet Man Cottage page. It seems to me to be counterproductive to the goal of saving White O'Morn.